Friday, August 21, 2015

Regal Cinemas may kiss my cancer-withered ass.

Regal Theaters Checking Purses, Bags to Ensure Law-Abiding Citizens Unarmed.


Aaron said...

One day soon IWB will also be known as "Regal Carry"

MikeH. said...

It's not like movie makers have been creating much that could quite meet up to the standards of a "B" movie anyway. On the very rare occasion when a movie worthy of watching comes along, I don't mind a 6 to 12 month wait for its premier on cable. (I haven't been in a theater in close to twenty years) So, I am torn between whether I would boycott Regal for a pre admittance TSA style anal probe, or for the shit flix they try to pass off as entertainment at highly inflated prices.

Mike, save your movie money and put it toward your A/C repair.

A Geriatric Threeper

Anonymous said...

Vote with your wallet.....
Screw Regal Cinemas! Don't spend one dime at the theater!
Anyway they are probably looking for people who are bringing
snacks to eat. They want you to spend money on their overpriced
and stale popcorn! Azz holes!

Anonymous said...

I was at my local Regal last weekend and they checked my wife bag but she was not carrying mainly because I was, they didn't check me and if they had they would have found a G43 in my pocket, I will not comply, and the day they start body searches is the day they don’t get me business no more, their loss not mine.

Thank you Regal for putting a target on the backs of all your patrons with this policy but the crazies better understand there is a huge movement of “We will not comply” that they still might run into, don’t ya know!

Anonymous said...

IWB--my thoughts exactly. F these GFW nazis.

Anonymous said...

Movies are for folks who have no life, nor know how to live one! I have the ability to entertain myself with a meaningful life skill set, and have no time for make believe B/S. I will never go unarmed no matter what the law says, cops can carry everywhere and they are no better than me. Law's apply to everyone or it's not a law. I live standing up, and will die but once!

Anonymous said...

Look folks, they are not searching for arms, they are searching for sodas, snacks and smuggled popcorn packs. You have to pay that 20 bucks for a drink and popcorn at the counter.

People should boycott every movie theater - on principle. Hollywood is most responsible for destroying the moral compass of this nation. Why reward it with your wealth? Wake up.

PS - I practice what I preach, my family doesn't ever go to the theater.

Anonymous said...

Not my hill to die on, but, if it where, and I was not concerned about the PR impact to us honest citizens, this would be my plan.

To preface, in Oklahoma, going to a posted, private property, armed is a misdemeanor trespassing IF you don't leave when asked.

Organize a sizable number of participants to go to a theater on Saturday night. Take a bag with a sacrificial firearm or water pistol. Get bag searched, get asked to leave, refuse to leave. Police arrive, Police ask you to leave, refuse to leave, repeat.

The presence of multiple police cars and associated activity will most likely decimate theater attendance for the evening.

You get a misdemeanor ticket, PD gets major annoyed at all involved, including the business.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't be going to movie theaters anyway, especially overtly antigun ones. All you're doing is rewarding Hollywood liberals for screwing up this country in the first place. Of that $15 you spend per ticket, at least a few cents of that will go right to the campaign funds of various democrat politicians.

Why are you doing this? Why are you knowingly helping the enemy?

Besides, most movies suck these days anyways.

Anonymous said...

ankle holster

Anonymous said...

Why is any body still going to the movies? Why give your money to the anti-American scum in Holiywood? Besides, when was the last time there was a movie worth the price of admission? Frankly, we should be working to put Hollywood out of business. There are PLENTY of good reasons to stop going to the movies. This is just one more to add to the list.

Unclezip said...

We go to the theater about twice a year. Our Regal cards were just sent off to headquarters in pieces, and we stopped by the local electronics store to pick up a new Blu-Ray player for the cost of two movie tickets and popcorn.

Hollywierd has not put out a decent movie since the Screenwriters Guild went on strike. All they can do now is rehash the same old story, and make it louder.

Ed said...

Carry on body - it is more secure.

Place an empty holster into a bag before going to the theater. Record the search and their reaction for posting online.