Sunday, August 23, 2015

From Fred Reed last month that I previously missed: “Payback’s a Bitch”: Rural Wisdom and the Gathering Storm

"But it is dangerous. The economy declines, people out of college can’t get jobs, the ghettoes simmer, automation surges across the board, and one day soon we will have cutbacks in the entitlements. When groups begin competing for dwindling resources, things will get ugly. It could explode. It really could. You might be surprised how many people out there think, “Bring it on.” Not a good idea, but we go that way. Tick Tick. Tick."


Anonymous said...

Dove tails right with "The Reset Button" post.

Anonymous said...

Yeh...I'm one of those who says "bring it on!" Let's have this fight with the have-nots while there is still something to have. The have-nots have been trained to expect entitlements. I don't know if they can be 'un-trained'. They are more likely to steal a gun, then go out with the attitude that they are "gonna kill some honkies and take their stuff"!

Pretty damn soon, when the free stuff does run out, going outdoors without an AR slung over your back will be stupid. Might as well start the clean-up now.

One question. What on earth are we going to do with the bodies? Pile and burn?

Anonymous said...

Related, from Matt Bracken:

"When the Music Stops"

Galaxie_Man said...

To use a fire service analogy.....right now I see the country as a big shallow open pan full of gasoline, with plenty of lighters and matchbooks lying about, and the surrounding area controlled by four year olds.

Just what the f@^# do they think is going to happen?

Can't you just imagine the news reports when the SHTF, and the stunned disbelief of the media as to how FREE people react?

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't believe for a minute that they are unaware of the anger. More than likely they are surprised that something this hot doesn't burst into flames, giving them the excuse they need to put the fire out. Hopefully they have miscalculated by underestimating the resoluteness of those they wish to subjugate.