Sunday, August 23, 2015

Racial collectivist Leonard Pitts claims "All Lives Matter" is a statement of "moral cowardice." Wait'll he gets a load of my new hat.

"Why ‘Black lives matter’ resonates." A man may sing in the shower, no matter how poorly, and his voice will "resonate" to him. Pardon me if it doesn't "resonate" with the rest of us beyond the braying of an Animal Farm mule: "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."
BTW, Leonard, here's a photo of the hat I'm wearing these days. I guess in Pitts' worldview that makes me a coward. Try wearing it in the neighborhoods I frequent, though, and I assure you that the exercise is not for the fainthearted. I will admit, however, that it does help that the ground rules for discussion are stated plainly up front.


Mike H said...

Adam Scott Wechsler should get the Alinsky Troll Award of the month. If only these people realized how they feed his self-aggrandizement.

Gregory K. Sloat said...

Do you have these hats for sale? If so, I want to order one!

Neil E. Wright said...

I'll echo Gregory's comment.

If they're for sale, I'll get one!

Anonymous said...

From "Hamburger Hill":

Colonel Meyers: Who's in charge here?

Maj. Malcolm A. Powers: I am, sir. Major Malcolm Powers.

Colonel Meyers: Did you lead this assault?

Maj. Malcolm A. Powers: Sir, Leutenant Ring and Gunnery Sergeant Highway disobeyed a direct order. I told them to wait for support but they went up this hill anyway.

Colonel Meyers: [to Highway] Why?

Highway: We're Marines, sir. We're paid to adapt, to improvise.

Lieutenant M.R. Ring: Sir, I gave the order to take this hill.

Maj. Malcolm A. Powers: Ring, this is going to ruin your career.

Colonel Meyers: Are you new to the infantry, Major?

Maj. Malcolm A. Powers: Yes, sir. Just came over from supply.

Colonel Meyers: Were you good at that?

Maj. Malcolm A. Powers: Yes, sir!

Colonel Meyers: Well then, stick to it because you're a walking cluster fuck as an infantry officer. My men are hard chargers, Major! Leutenant Ring and Gunny Highway took a handfull of young fire pissers, exercised some personal initiative and kicked ass!


When we first heard of Mr. Leonard Pitts he was the columnist at the Miami Herald who reviewed new music. He was pretty good at it. Maybe he should go back there.