Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Injun Country." More along the lines of "Black Lives Don't Matter (in fact they don't mean sh-t to other black folks)."

"Injun Country" -- a black or hispanic ghetto area off-limits to white people for safety reasons, as in "He's going to Crown Fried Chicken at this hour? Yo, that's injun country..." -- Urban Dictionary.
"A summer so lawless in D.C., it feels like the Wild West."
For a while there, the spirit of the Wild West returned to our nation’s capital in the guise of the stagecoach. In its day, the stagecoach epitomized the Wild West. It traveled difficult and dangerous routes transporting drivers and passengers, many of whom were worried sick about whether they would make it home to their families. At times, the threat was so great that stagecoach owners avoided stops where safety was jeopardized. This week, the District’s stagecoach went down that path.
On Monday, Metro announced that buses would avoid nighttime stops for one week in the 2400 block of Elvans Road SE because someone had fired at the W8 bus the previous Friday night, striking a passenger. Last month, a Metro bus driver was threatened at Savannah and 19th streets SE. Andre Nickens, who was waiting at the bus stop in the Elvans Road cul-de-sac, told WUSA (Channel 9) that “it’s the danger zone right here. This whole neighborhood is dangerous.” On Sunday and Monday, WUSA reported, the W8 bus did not travel down the dead-end street after 7 p.m.


Anonymous said...

It's DC so that begs the question, who cares? Congress is the biggest criminal gang in town with obummer the worst of all. Congress has "LED BY EXAMPLE" for 50 years and they are surprised this is happening close to them? That would be completely out of touch in my book, Yours?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised it took this long to be commented on. I recall visiting D.C. with my inlaws in the 1980's. Came in from the north side. The thought that came to mind was, 'This looks like Beirut." The area we were driving through appeared that bombed out. It was also the first time, I locked my car doors and made sure all the windows were rolled up, while driving through a major city.

Mr. Moore said...

Another "gun free" nirvana?

Anonymous said...

No firearms for you citizen. Thanks, Chief Lanier.

Josh said...

In Omaha the area around 24th and Lake is known as Little Vietnam. A pleasant part of the city, back in the 90s an apartment in tha projecs was filled from floor to ceiling and wall to wall with gpmgs, rpgs, millions of rounds, grenades, etc etc and a coworker told me about it all, as he had seen it with his own eyes, having contacts in tha gangsa world of Omaha, and remarked a lot of opd were going to die that summer. A week or two later, atf, fbi, opd, and Douglas county as well as Council Bluffs Ia agencies took the place down.

I have to ask, how did that kind and total of hardware get to Little Vietnam without fed sponsorhip?

I imagine when they really get going with kill whitey stuff, 0bama and the cia and other fedz as well as foreign enemies will ensure tha ghettos are well armed with everything the Warsaw pact can provide.

Anonymous said...

Josh - the CIA absolutely, positively, arms gangs that are the distributors of their imported drugs. The FED's pick the winners and losers in the lawful business world as well as the unlawful....and as for D.C., now they'll complain that their neighborhood doesn't get the mass transit services better neighborhoods get, and that's racist..