Wednesday, August 26, 2015

So busy yesterday that I missed this anniversary by a day. 25 August: the 70th anniversary of the murder of CPT John Birch, United States Army, at the hands of the Chinese Communists.

Long-time friends and readers may recall I've had my differences with the spineless mollycoddles who make up the leadership of the society that bears John Birch's name. This largely dates from being denounced by them in the 90s for being a constitutional militia leader, a movement that always gave them the heebie jeebies because it proposed doing more than talk and sell magazines. That said, there is no gainsaying the true spirit of the American hero whose name they adopted:
A Real Man, a Real Hero


PO'd American said...

Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks for lostong this. Great story about what a man should be.
I had no idea where the Birchers originated.

Anonymous said...

A busy guy misses things - that's what we are for :)

Check out the seventh circuit decision story over at Breitbart regarding Second Amendment rights belonging to illegal aliens. Now it is obvious that the seventh did this to protect other case law regarding illegal aliens and to protect the judicial chicanery that allows them to stay here but We The People can turn this to our advantage !!!!

Basically, this decision is saying that Second Amendment rights exist and provide protection from prosecution EVEN WHEN EXERCISED WITHOUT DOCUMENTATION.

That can only mean that exercise must be protected absent carry permits, despite the demand that we now beg for and pay for that "documentation".

I submit that this bit of judicial activism is going to backfire on the illegal alien apologist gun grabbers.
I believe this one warrants the attention of a busy old fart from Alabama....

Anonymous said...

So Mike,
What's your take on the Birchers Society.
Just read a long Wikipedia article, what's not to like?

Chiu ChunLing said...

I know a lot of ex-Nationalists are inclined to let the last 70 years of Communist betrayals be blood under the bridge.

And to a certain extent, I see the point. I personally lack the emotional energy to get worked up about the hundreds of millions murdered even just in China, leaving aside the rest of the world.

But as they say, those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

And the history of Communism is something I'd rather avoid in my future.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Mike: Thanks. As a former Bircher who grew up in the 50's, this article really brought back memories. The JBS, like a lot of political groups in Amerika, has been co-opted by poseurs, poltroons, and folks with personal agendas. When I was with the JBS, one of their other focuses was a strong belief in the Right To Life. They were immediately out front in the Roe v. Wade debate and they attracted a large amount of devout, conservative, traditional Catholics and other Protestant denominations who were outraged over the descent into Hell our country was embarked on.

Irony of ironies, there is now a huge debate raging over at WRSA about militia v. "Professional Soldiers". Captain Birch is the example of a smart, dedicated, Godly civilian who, without military training or backround, stood in the breach to stop the spread of Godless tyranny. He, along with many others at the time realized that the Japanese were a disease of the skin, but the Communists were a disease of the heart.