Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Can we all feel good about ourselves now?

"New boot camp ribbon prompts disbelief, jokes."


Anonymous said...

What, no participation trophies? :(

Anonymous said...

Everybody gets a trophy, no matter if they win or not..it's all about their "self-esteem"..

Galaxie_Man said...

It was only a matter of time before the "participation trophy" mentality hit the military. That way everyone who missed out on it as a kid can play catch up if they join the Navy.

It is a sick world we live in.


Old AF First Sergeant said...

The Navy is late...my alma mater, the USAF, started that crap in the 80's. We had two new ones: The Basic Training Graduate and the Basic Training Honor Graduate. We called the former, the, "I been to Lackland" ribbon (many refused to wear it until the AF got pissy and required it under pain of disciplinary action (most likely a Letter of Counseling or a probable downgrade on the Airman Performance Report (APR). The Honor Grad ribbon was over done, too. Honor Grad? FROM BASIC TRAINING? Really? Then there was "Honor Flight" (platoon). By the time a kid got to our school (2nd tier advanced technical training), he could have the National Defense Service Medal (used to be awarded upon graduation from Basic Training), the "I been to Lackland" and "I did really good in Basic" ribbon. All without reporting in to his first duty station.....sheesh!

Anonymous said...

My eldest graduated boot camp recently, and was disappointed with how easy it was. Indeed he referred to it as a joke. Aside from the physical fitness being pathetic, the firearms training was pathetic. 75 rounds. Now, that's fine for those who are already ummm well regulated, but what about those younguns bound to the concrete jungles who have never been around firearms? See why they don't want military members armed on base? The pricks running the show aren't training our military to even shoot, much less fight to win shooting.

Between these "participation ribbons", stress cards and glorified summer camp basic training, it is undeniable that our military is indeed BROKEN! however it isn't years of war that did the damage.... Liberalism is destroying our military from the inside out.

We are in sooooo much more trouble than most Americans realize.

Michael Gilson said...

When I did Air Force basic in 1980 there was a ribbon like that. And when I was back with my Air Guard unit we all got a National Defense ribbon, which we called the Pulse and Respiration ribbon.

Anonymous said...

There are too many medals, and too many are relatively meaningless and/or too easily attained.

Compare the picture of Gen George S Patton, at the bottom of this UK Mail article:


...with the picture of Gen David S Patreus at this Blue State mudhole:


Patreus practically needed to wear an A-frame sign to hold all of his medals.

j said...

"Pulse and Respiration ribbon" !! LOVE it!!! I was once told that the incredible warrior Jerry Mad Dog Shriver was offered some kind of medal and commendation for a few of his more outrageous acts and replied that he didn't give a good GD about their GD medals, just a little Gd courtesy toward him and his dog would go a long F'ing way toward making him happy. Can't prove he said it cause I wasn't there, but seems to me that the guys who are all about getting the job done are not often impressed too much with the window dressing.