Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Signs Save Lives"? Really?

Tiny Protest Proudly Boasts Dumbest Gun Control Sign Of All Time


MikeH. said...

"Signs Save Lives"?

Well, at least in the minds of those left-wingers too pussyfied to take a more active role (read; walk the walk) in the defending of lives.

Sorry... Woke up on the wrong side of Fox News this morning.

A Geriatric Threeper

Uncle Elmo said...

Signs DO save lives. I follow them to gun shows.

And to my fellow commenters about to say the same thing, all I can say is 'great minds think alike'.

Unclezip said...

Well, I suppose if the sign was printed on a ballistic plate...

Anonymous said...

My wife happens to work at this store. She thought these dweebs were pathetic. Kudos to marianos for refusing to roll over for these jerks. Stevieboy51