Friday, August 28, 2015

Rough day and night.

The guy to fix the A/C may be here today, but then again, maybe not. If not it will be on Monday. I have some more bloodwork scheduled for Monday to nail down when my blood transfusion for the anemia might happen. I'm sorry for the lateness of the posts today, but Rosey didn't have the money to pay the Internet bill until this morning, so we were temporarily cut off. Back on line now though. More later.


Anonymous said...

Far as not paying the internet bill - Might have been God looking out for you this morning Mike. Had you been at a puter while that father of the reporter that was murdered was talking on TV you might have had a aneurism!

This fool actually pulled the "I mean, who the hell needs a machine gun to go hunting" card! Ummm his daughter was killed by a black racist gay militant Obama/democrat gun control supporting leftist reporter carrying a handgun that he passed a background check to buy.

That man went full on democrat political talking point stupid, carelessly and shamelessly abusing his own daughter, scarring the memory of her and what happened to her, STUPID!

Maybe God wanted you to avoid the ugly experience of having to witness that live, Mike. Remember, God always works in ways we are not meant to understand.

As a guy worrying about paying his property tax the way you are trying to pay for AC and internet, I feel your pain on the $ front. I ask God regularly why he has to make it soooooo hard ALL the time. I will be glad to share the answer when I get it. I wish I could make your life easier. As I have said before, if I won the lottery - You and yours wouldn't be worrying about internet access or AC failures!

Ramsey A. Bear said...

Do what you need to do, we will wait. Health and family first. God Bless you.