Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kenny Lane presents a "Kerodin must read."

The details -- and the acrimony generated by Hyman/Kerodin attacking his former followers -- continue to spill out. "Sam and Holly have been some of the bigger supporters of Legal zoom over the years! They currently have no less than 15 businesses registered in Idaho. If you count the ones that have been forfeited or dissolved just in the past three years, it goes up to 26! The big business seems to be III Percent LLC. It has six additional 'Doing Business As' (DBA) listings registered, to include MacGregor and Grey, America 527, Samuel White, Spartan MMA Academy, Light Warrior Fitness, and Studio III."


Anonymous said...

I can hear it now, "Cahm awn Mike, stahp with the K jokes". Seriously though folks, if you still support this guy, you really need to evaluate your desperate need to follow someone. The guy started the III community with zero credibility from being an extortionist asshole excon and was shown the door. In both word and deed he has demonstrated to be a charlatan, carpet-bagger, and snake oil salesman extraordinaire to the rubes.

This message is to his supporters whom may troll this site: if the guy offers you some kool-aid, just make sure he drinks it first. Also, I am a Nigerian prince who desperately needs to park a few million in your bank account.

Anonymous said...

Yea and he is Still Dead Broke, Disgusted and cant be trusted!!!!!!!!

and i thought i was a DUMB DUMB
But Know i am just a plain IDIOT from Alabaster.....