Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Resistance to Oregon’s Universal Background Check Law Grows Stronger."

But why would they feel the need to dump millions into ads for a bill they have already passed?


Unclezip said...

You know why, Mike; the law is unenforceable, so they are trying to use social control to get everyone to volunteer.
As of yesterday, one more county (Douglas) passed a resolution promising that they will not support, endorse, or enforce the law. That's bad news for Floyd Prozanski, as it's his home turf, and the recall is still against him.

Be well

Anonymous said...

They gotta drop ad buys so they can then drop poll questions - in hopes their ads will influence their polling (to in turn influence politicians).

They also want to keep the see saw action in motion. What they fear most is a large open carry demonstration - one large enough for the entire world to see. The question is, why cant gun owners come together and DO IT? Mostly, I lay blame at the feet of those running the NRA, for it is they who tell NRA members NOT to do exactly what MUST be done!