Wednesday, August 12, 2015

When last we left NRA lickspittle and hypocritical spineless weasel Bob Owens . . .

"Yes, master! Yes, master!"
he was gratuitously praising someone else's advocacy of the We Will Not Comply movement without ever having risked anything himself to support it. Indeed, he never met even an Open Carry armed civil disobedience that he liked. Internet prags who sit behind keyboards and do nothing else are prone to that, of course. Like intellectual chameleons, they shift colors lest someone notice them and require them to actually do something. They lack all convictions and so have to pretend to absorb by long-distance osmosis the principles of others -- principles that they themselves refuse to act upon, continually finding reasons why such actions are unworthy of prudent "right thinking" firearm owners.
Now Owens has found the convenient straw man of the huckster and money-whore Dudley Brown to condemn by implication those, like David Codrea, who have raised very real concerns over the Cornyn bill. To wit, "Fringe Pushes Back Against Cornyn’s NICS Background Check Fix."
Now I realize that the bill is endorsed by the NRA (and only in Owens' lickspittle world would that require uncritical examination given that organization's long record of preemptive compromises since the National Firearms Act of 1934), so Bob is merely once again doing his Igor impression -- "Yes, master! Yes, master!"
That doesn't mean that the rest of us ought to be suckered in by the straw-man arguments of an apparent moral and physical coward who consistently pretends to be one thing while being something entirely different.
LATER NOTE: Gee, I guess I'm getting pretty tetchy in my old age. But unfair? Before I emailed Bob a copy of the above, I re-read it to make sure I was not slandering or libeling the man. Nope, I concluded. It pretty much describes his positions over the years. So I sent it.


Anonymous said...

I understand folks touting the NRA when they don't know any better - when they think the NRA actually is what they think it is (a warrior for individual gun owners rights). I am left to wonder about those who do know the history of the NRA, yet continue to present the idea that it is anything but a cloaked gun grabbing gun control tool! I wonder about their baseline motives - is it money? Is it a lack of principle? Is it a moral failing? Or are those people in denial? Heck, one must wonder if they are just evil!

Anonymous said...

Bob Owens, he's what we call a Brown Shirt Gunner.
Let'em rot with his Progressive Socialist "Friends"

Josh said...

Wasn't the nra started by generals from the North shortly after the civil war?
With the idea that the regime in power should have a monopoly on those that can shoot.

Carl Stevenson said...

I know I'm repeating myself, but I just have to say it again.

I wish people would stop publicizing Bob Owens’ “work.”
Owens is a copsucker of the first order.
I stopped following his blog after he celebrated the cops summarially executing Chris Dorner by burning the house down around him a la Waco.
To add insult to that injury, he blocked me (and presumably all other dissenters) from comments after I criticized his praise of the barbecue by posting a comment stating that the police state response was irresponsible, reprehensible, and way over the top (remember how the cops wounded several innocent people, riddling their vehicles with dozens of rounds, despite the fact that neither the people nor the vehicles matched the description of Dorner or his vehicle any more than I and my F150 would match a BOLO for the Incredible Hulk driving the Batmobile.)
Owens also goes overboard in criticizing the open carry movement and any other gun rights activity that offends his Fuddness.
In short, IMNSHO, Owens is a pontificating gasbag unworthy of a following.