Monday, August 24, 2015

Now that's just hysterically funny right there.

Hyman/Kerodin attacks his former friends and allies.
The unrepentant federal extortionist and con man defends himself with the statement, "Being III is about Principle." Coming from someone whose forte is character assassination and whose MO is divorcing other folks from their money in harebrained schemes, well, that's just a scream.


wirecutter said...

If the best he can come up with is that I post semi nekkid wimmens, take ads for money/barter and that my wife's on SSI, then he ain't got nothing to stand on. Puppy's shooting blanks.

Mr. Moore said...

@wirecutter, trust me, people don't go to your page because of pretty pictures. God Bless.


Anonymous said...

He's bent over backwards trying to prove he's worthy of a following. Wishful thinking. All that matters is that he tries to move forward and improve himself. He can change like anyone else. That said, I hope he stays in his AO and focuses upon that and that alone. His prodding others to action (overt/egregious acts at that) in other AO's really pisses me off and, the 'president of the society' BS wreaks of a dictatorial complex; also, he should sell his wares on ebay-I bet the paintball and airsoft communities would go ape over it. They're probably more his speed....

Anonymous said...

Well, since he was a .Gov employee whilst he was banging out license plates for 30 months in the Big House, isn't that a bit hypocritical? Just sayin'.

drjim said...

I read most of it, and it came across as a bitter whiner who's been exposed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Mike,
Stand down and witness the doomed consume themselves. You've more important issues to deal with.

"... it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks." Pun intended.
G. Byerley

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Special K is confusing ILL with in mentally ill rather than 3%.

vintovka said...

Love that fake Jefferson quote he uses on his doesn't even SOUND like Jefferson.

Neil E. Wright said...

Hi Mike,
That was a waste of 5 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. I think that was the 2nd hit I gave that blog.
As a former cop, when I met a convict who wouldn't change his ways, the way I always addressed him was "Hello, convict. Got your ass again, you steaming pile of obama{actually, back then I said shit, but obama just seems to fit so nicely ... :) }!"
My question for the convict is, which 3-letter agency is pulling his chain?
When I read his screed, I laughed out loud when he said "It's all about principle".
That scum-sucking, bottom-feeding, parasitic, steaming pile of obama, that CONVICT, has no principles.
And for K, I know you're reading this, I signed my REAL name to this. Try something with me, convict, and I'll bury you! As a former cop, I've had a price on my head. The drug dealer who put it there is deceased, but I'm still here.

I am Neil E. Wright, and I approve this message.

Neil E. Wright said...

Oh, and wirecutter, I started reading your blog. You've got some good stuff there. Keep up the good work, ol' son!

Anonymous said...

Well now, I knew a bit about the bad blood between you two (MV), and like some folks I thought that's all it was. To be quite honest I didn't really care either until I kept reading about his history and reading testimony from others - including wirecutter :)
More out of curiosity and boredom than anything else, I spent an hour or so doing a little research regarding Mr. Kerodin yesterday. What I came away with was more than surprising and disappointing.
The last few posts on his blog pretty well killed my interest of his point of view on anything in the future. Period.
For someone who express's a desire to be a leader and for other's to emulate is pretty fucking amazing when he dodge's answers and makes excuses like an Obama Press Secretary.
I don't usually make post's like this, anywhere. I guess simply I wanted to let him know that yet another one of (ex)readers is on to him and his scam - we all know of his obsession with you and he most certainly come's here to read about himself.
Have a good day Sir, and thank you for all your efforts. Maybe the sun will shine a little brighter on your day.

Wyowanderer said...

Lots of butthurt there...

Anonymous said...

There's a bunch of money that's gone a missing, and instead of just accounting for where it has went, the K man will attack others.

It's a smokescreen folks because where all that money that K brings in? Only a small portion ever makes it thru his sticky fingers.

There's a lot of talk of doing on K's blog but what other than constantly asking for more money is he doing? But he does "talk" a lot!

Mike V does, when the call goes out he's there but where is K except taking potshots at the doers (ever notice if K ain't making a buck off someone he making his little snide remarks about how they are not true enough, like he is!) and while asking for more money for his latest con that will never come to fruition.

wirecutter said...

Stormfriend - But there's SO much more to say!
Mr Wright - thank you!

CB said...

Re the comment:
"But I'm older and let me share this - you did your mea culpa, spoke your peace, now stfu."


Is this the command of Almighty God? On a Blog?

"Don't get into the pussy ass game and make us all look like retards"

Too late. Your wound is self inflicted. By the way, I don't know you from anyone and don't care to, but your attitude sucks. You are not helping yourself at all.

Here's a good read.

Jim Klein said...

vintovka, that Jefferson quote is actually Jefferson's. What, you didn't even bother to check? If you don't mind sharing, why not?

Here's the second sentence, which doesn't appear on the site---"I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”

Almost many say they're ready to fight for Liberty, but haven't the foggiest idea of what it is. Thoroughly Modern American.

Anonymous said...

Serious people don't have to repeatedly tell everyone around them how serious they are. Just sayin'.

pigpen51 said...

I was turned off to his blog when I read that he wanted to kill ALL Muslims. That is like saying that ALL white people are kkk members or that ALL black people hate whites. To say that ALL of anybody anything is just, well, wrong and I will not willingly associate myself with anyone who believes that way, especially when they advocate killing an entire group of people. I believe history has seen someone who tried that. I think his name was Adolf Hitler.

Anonymous said...

CB, I like Kenny and just don't want him to diminish himself. And stfu is a suggestion, the commands from Almighty God are organized in a book for us all to access. As for the rest, I promise I will try to not judge your mindset and intelligence based on your reference to the Dale Carnegie course. But don't assume, either, that I give a ratsass about winning fools and influencing morons. Especially you. And not sure what the "C" is for, but I bet the "B" is for "bite". The message was simply a hope for Kenny. Now, since you seem to not respect your elders, show wisdom in respect for your betters. I don't think Kenny needs YOU to defend him, and I don't care what you think, cock bite. Leave it alone

vintovka said...

Jim Klein, you are correct. It is genuine. I found the quote, along with an attribution: Thomas Jefferson to Isaac H. Tiffany, 1819.

There are a lot of fake quotes going around, most by Einstein and Lincoln. I don't know why those two...

CB said...

Gee, my feelings are hurt.

To the Elitist among us....
Intimidation tactics are a sign of weakness.
Worthy men don't intimidate, they lead by example.

Anonymous said...

can't just stop, can you CB... so, let's do this. Rather than the foolish posting back and forth, email me. I will meet you when and where you would like, and we can discuss this in person; that is leading by example. No one is an elitist, certainly not I. I won't apologize if your lack of comprehension prevents you from understanding simple concepts. And if the offer to meet in person is "intimidating" to you, you must ask yourself why - since you seem to take no one's advice. I'm not difficult to find, but you will have to expend more effort than you have here. Write to me personally when you have time. And balls. And as an fyi, Kenny and I have exchanged emails, there is no issue between us. Like I said, he does not need you to defend him. stormfriend sends

CB said...

"Kenny...does not need you to defend him"
I don't know where you got the idea that I was defending Kenney, whoever he is. It was your words "I don't know you and you don't know me"..."stfu" comment that was WAY out of place for a blog forum. Telling someone to "stfu" implies a command to one that admittedly "you don't know". I can't understand who are you to tell another person to "stfu"? Regardless of the forum conversation, neither you, or I, or anyone else, has that authority or station in life. It is counter to the exchange of ideas.
"No one is and elitist, certainly not I."
Wonderful. That clears the air with a stand alone statement.
"I won't apologize if your lack of comprehension prevents you from understanding simple concepts."
Fair enough then, we can agree on at least one thing. I won't apologize if your lack of comprehension prevents you from understanding simple concepts.
"I will meet you when and where you would like"
To what purpose? Not interested in a "balls" comparison. Last time I checked they were still there.
Go your way.
I go mine.
Like you said, I seem to take no one's advice. Touche', at least with you.