Friday, August 21, 2015

Don't cry for him, Argentina (nor should anybody else for that matter).

Jeff Greenfield is still thinking inside the box, as if the paradigm hasn't shifted: Democratic Blues: Barack Obama will leave his party in its worst shape since the Great Depression—even if Hillary wins.
This has never been about traditional politics as a metric of success. It has always been about wrecking the country and dividing it up into as many little feuding pieces as possible so that this country's traditional enemies -- from within and without -- can achieve our defeat in detail. By that standard, Barack Obama has done exactly what he set out to do and thanks to the corruption and weakness of his pretended enemies in the GOP elites he has been a stunning success.
LATER: And in a related thread -- Why Obama is torpedoing Hillary Clinton: The president craves a successor who will preserve his legacy
Beyond the bad blood, however, Mr. Obama has a more important reason for doing her in. As I have written previously, he needs a successor he can control. Over the years, including recently, he has waxed rhapsodic over a possible third term to continue his “fundamental transformation of the nation.” Mrs. Clinton will not provide it; therefore, she must be sidelined. If Mr. Obama does not want an investigation to go forward, it does not go forward. Witness the scandals involving the Internal Revenue Service, Benghazi, Veterans Administration and Operation Fast and Furious gunrunning. . .
The Democratic ticket will be Joe Biden-Elizabeth Warren. That’s what Mr. Obama wants. And what Mr. Obama wants, Mr. Obama gets. This is “Game of Thrones.” And Mr. Obama is winning.


Anonymous said...

"Obama is winning"....
Thats exactly what i thought...i just cant figure out Why
I dont understand his appeal now or before.
This is a creep the media never vetted....because of Blind Hatred for Bush.
And perhaps Al's hanging chads

Pat H. said...

The south, because we're actually a genuine nation, has always been separate and distinct.

Now that we're in the throes of Reconstruction III, we're preparing to leave the rest of the United States to stew in their morass of depravity, immorality, and unGodly behavior.

Are you coming with us or staying with them?

Anonymous said...

This is why Donald Trump has so much support. The FOLKS know full well he is the only fat cat who went after Obama's lack of eligibility. Media hacks do not want to admit it, but folks want Trump as President to nail Obama and his drama to the wall!

Of course Obama wants someone to protect his legacy. That is exactly why the GOPe is so dead set against Trump. The next president WILL have an (R) after their name and he wants to make sure it is a John Boehner or Mitch McConnell rino. He knows full well that a rino is his best protector.