Friday, August 28, 2015

All things old are new again. Now all they need is a reincarnated Leon Trotsky.

Trotsky on his train near the front-lines c.1919-1921
Russia To Revive Soviet-Era Armored Trains As $400B Military Modernization Continues


Harry_the_Horrible said...

Stupid idea.
If your enemy has any airpower, armored trains are hideously vulnerable to "smart" bombs.
They can be stopped by simply blowing the tracks in front of them.
And, if you have any explosives left over, you put them in front of the track-cutting charges so that the train stops on top of them...
Obviously, it would be equally stupid for troops to engage the train whether it is moving or not, though.

Josh said...

More armored trains means more armored trains carrying icbms to be sought by NATO when shtf. More trains carrying icbms means less of them will be found and destroyed before they can complete a launch. Of course, Russia and China have developed shipping containers that carry icbms and cruise missiles but transporting these on commercial trains doesn't provide for much security.