Thursday, May 21, 2015

Should Christians Own Guns?

Uh, yeah.
Man is made in God’s image. Careless disregard for life means disregard for God’s law and hypocrisy towards the creator and His words. Hand-wringing over guns versus knives or clubs or pepper spray or locked doors just means that you’re straining at a gnat in order to swallow a camel. You don’t care about the women or children. You’re a self-absorbed, self righteous, pampered product of the effete chattering class, unnecessary to and a bad fit for the very people to whom you are speaking. No one is listening any more.


Scott J said...

PO'd American said...

Another wonderful treatise by Herschel.

Sean said...

That needed to be said. Amen and Amen.

Anonymous said...

The arguments have nothing to do with religion or christianity (excepting protection from those who kill in the name of religion).
Don't ask or tell me what jesus would do, only what you and we should do as a free & rational society.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
I could only read part of that and had to quit! Yada,yada! 'have ta' go read Sgt. Joe's "Rules for a 'Gun Fight' again! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, 'got the radio playin' out on the table on the back deck, ..."War,'s just a shot away....!!(The Stones') I take aim at a can on the board out past the shed...POW!!..Ping!!! as the can flips into the air!! "Practice..Practice!!"
Got Gunz??,

BobF said...

Just bought "A Time to Kill: THe Myth of Christian Pacifism" but have only skimmed it as I have several others to read first. The premise is that just because one may be a Christian doesn't mean they cannot/should not kill if necessary in self defense.

Personally I have no problem with the concept and I was rather surprised that others apparently do, but it explains some folks' behaviors that I thought were just plain self destructive.