Monday, May 18, 2015

The Other Racial Divide

Were Asian-American businesses targeted in the Baltimore riots?


Anonymous said...

"Were Asian-American businesses targeted in the Baltimore riots?"

Do wild bears go potty in the woods?

UncleBert said...

Let's see them try that here in Texas. If any mob tried to burn down a business here, they'd be "shot to shit". That's why it doesn't happen here.

Anonymous said...

Sad story. When the Rodney King festivities started I was in a city about 50 miles away. I had stopped in a local gun store after work to pick up a handgun I had bought(CA has a 14-day waiting period). Inside the store were three Koreans loading up a sedan with cases of shotgun shells and handgun ammo. The rest is history.
I would hope the Korean community in this country would learn and get out of any black areas. If they do not, they will continually be targets of the black rent-a-mobs.

Anonymous said...

No, it was only 2 out of 16.

Anonymous said...

Why do blacks hate asians?
Because they are both self made.