Monday, May 25, 2015

Update on a story first broken by David Codrea.

Smart Gun Company Touted By Democrats Files Chapter 11-Style Restructuring


Uncle Elmo said...

'Smart Gun Company Touted By Democrats Files Chapter 11-Style Restructuring'

Ever notice how everything the Democrats touch turns to crap?

Anonymous said...

That's the purpose of the Democratics. They are traitors bent on undermining and destroying the republic that was created. Even when something is settled within the highest law of the land, they act as if nothing is settled and even the finest point settled is "still debatable" and thus not REALLY settled. When they cannot get what they want legislatively, they go to the courts looking for a corrupt judge. When that fails too they seek out the best liar they can find to gain executive election.

It has always been this way and will continue to be this way. The instant this kind of tech is done here and the "restructuring" becomes necessary - bam- bailout and the ensuing gubmint "influence". Democrats have long sought to limit caliber and this is how they aim to relegate us all to 22lr.....the now hardest ammo to come up with "legally".

Some think it doesn't really matter but the Fudds must open their eyes. They will find themselves hunting and trap shooting with empty 22lr arms.... that require a watch to function. Fudds, it's TIME to wake up.