Thursday, May 21, 2015

Oregon road trip plans falling through. Improvising, adapting and overcoming.

My original plan for a co-driver has fallen through. I am trying to arrange for a replacement (or replacements). At the moment, I may have to fly. (Arrrgh.) The critical days for being out there are Saturday the 30th (Salem), Sunday (Coos Bay) and Monday (and perhaps Tuesday) at the scene of the mine standoff outside Medford so I can do my own assessment of the situation there and see how I can help. The problem is finding someone who can take more than a week to help me accomplish that via road. That's 2500 miles out, 2600 miles back and probably at least another 400 miles between points out there. Way too much for this old cripple by himself.


Anonymous said...

quote" The critical days for being out there are Saturday the 30th (Salem), Sunday (Coos Bay) and Monday (and perhaps Tuesday) at the scene of the mine standoff outside Medford so I can do my own assessment of the situation there and see how I can help."unquote

Coos Bay huh? What's up there? I moved from Coos Bay 2 yrs ago after living there for 10 yrs. Loved it, but lost my home due to the recession and scumbag bankers, and had to move. Interesting place, if you like coastal life. Take Highway 5 from Medford up to Wilson, and 42 from Wilson to Coos Bay. Beautiful trip. Medford sucks though. Good luck with your trip Mike.

Anonymous said...

Mike, as another Mike with a failing body, I offer you this advice....accept the limitations God has seen fit to hand you and operate within them. Sometimes less really is more, know what I mean?

I believe you should fly out but with this caveat - allow a full day for travel AND an extra day for travel drama. When it comes to pieces and parts- another "route" is required and must be crafted "smugly".

What you bring with -that matters MOST- is what's IN YOUR HEAD.

A Jamaican once told me to follow this rule about the Ganja within his country and I believe truly it applies here regarding guns (when traveling as you are here in this instance). He told me - Dont carry it in your hand or in your pocket...because it really is everywhere you just have to know where to look and who to ask. No worries mon!

Now, an odd example I know, but consider this. The most powerful weapon is knowledge itself (you KNOW THIS) and your loaded mind is a magazine that no government has figured out how to ban across state lines.

Gather politician grade mags to pass out once you arrive. Transport the real armaments aboard the enemies infrastructure - and spend more time THERE, less time getting there. Driving plans falling through is a message sent to you by the One above. Hear it.

Fly Mike. Check non important goods and carry with you the important things like travel docs and electronics. Fly Mike. And choose the cheapest routes you can even if it means layovers. Don't plan it too tight. God sent you messages, several of them, but I think you misunderstood some of them - which is why he sends you more messages now.

Consider this dutifully. For ignoring it only lessens the quality of the time remaining on this earth you've been blessed with having. Remember, bigger better more is a communist ideal - and those things aren't the way to success. You know this. You've learned this.

Fly Mike. But do so properly - disallowing the machine the ability to exhert its levers to stall you. Plan on the stalling endeavors and account for them- and you will rise above those efforts to thwart your travel - and your mission.


Anonymous said...

If you are going to put your itenerary on your blog that you know your enemy reads faithfully - best to misdirect. Times, dates, locations, these are tactical data.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, you should stay at home.

Oldfart said...

Mike, I live just 10 miles south of the airport in Portland. If you fly in on the 29th and need a bed to lay your body down in, I have several - my kids have all moved out. I and the wife are planning on attending the rally in Salem and could possibly provide transportation to Coos Bay where I have some friends I could impose on (maybe.)
I don't know about getting down to the mine though. I *might* be able t do that too but it would take some planning. If I did though, I could bring you back to the Airport
Consider it...

Rivenshield said...

Not all of us are in the loop regarding this event. I live behind enemy lines in rural NorCal and I'd love to drive up, rifle in hand, and show my support -- these folks are doing what we should have done ten years ago, and better late than never. If you could post a sticky re: times and places, a lot of us would surely appreciate it.

HappyClinger said...

Maybe people along the way could "relay" you there and back? Just a thought.

Oldfart said...

There is a Facebook page on the event:

Like everything Facebook, it gets a little muddled at times. Still, the rally is going to happen, even if I'm the only one there.