Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ranks right up there with one of the worst days ever on one of these trips.

After 16 hours we made it to Salem, dodging deer and antelope, wayward construction barrels rolling into traffic, road rage drivers and collecting a speeding ticket in Oregon for an excessive speed by my co-driver that I am certain was deliberately exaggerated by Officer Friendly. Saw some stunningly beautiful country, though. Oregon would be a nice place to locate a free state if you could just de-Kalifornicate the place and persuade all of the nanny state fascists to beat feet somewhere. Nonetheless , I will be delivering the speech fairly early in the batting order tomorrow and please note that it will be at the state capitol. I will try to be there early, so if there are any Threepers or Oath Keepers who can help with distributing literature or half-a-dozen other odd jobs please find me and we'll find something for you do if you are willing. The plan is currently to go to lunch after my speech somewhere close (I will be needing to sit down somewhere at that point) and then we'll probably also go to dinner afterward. If anyone wants to participate in any of that, please drop me an email with your cell phone number or look me up at the rally. This trip is costing much in terms of resources (gas is incredibly high out here) and my personal stamina (the last three days have been extremely taxing and I've thousands of miles yet to go), so I'd like to make it count as much as possible. (I'll have to fly out to the Yakima Arms Expo on the 20th, there's just no way I can do this back-to-back again.) My speech is already loaded on the blog, ready to release the moment I finish so you'll be able to read it tomorrow. They wanted me to limit it to ten minutes, but I can cull it down to no less than 12, not counting the applause, so I trust they won't shut off the mic on me. Hope springs eternal.


Brian said...

Oregon is notorious for their application of speed limit laws particularly out of staters. The speed limits are ridiculously low- and the fines are ridiculously high.

Oregon is infested with the nanny state mentality. At least they don't have sales tax. Yet.

Anonymous said...

Oregon IS beautiful country..
but Californicated??
Please.. on average, Oregonians are more liberal to begin with.
You'll not make much inroads there, excepting locally.

Anonymous said...

Here is a rough cut of a portion of the speech from the rally: