Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A reminder about my itinerary.

We'll be in the vicinity of Riverton WY on the 28th and should make it to Salem on Friday night the 29th. Speech in Salem on the 30th. Speech in Coos Bay on the 31st, then on to the miner's fight with BLM near Medford. On the 1st we'll travel to SLC and on the 2nd to Albuquerque NM. On the 3rd from ALB to OKC and the 4th back to the Nashville area. If you want to schedule a meet-n-greet in the evening of any of those stops, then drop me an email. No smuggling this trip and all traffic and local gun laws will be obeyed. There's too much on the line to play fast and loose with this one.


Lisa said...

Hi, Michael.

Here's wishing your traveling companion and you safe travels. You're in my thoughts and prayers.


Much love,


Unclezip said...

See you on the steps on Saturday. Stay safe, Amigo.

Steve Miller said...

Safe travels and Godspeed my friend! See you in Salem on 5/30!