Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hundreds of Oregon Gun Rights Advocates Rally Against New Laws – Will Not Comply

Ralliers will refuse to comply with the new law and will continue to buy, sell, trade, and exchange firearms without going through the background check system. Opponents of the bill say that it infringes on the 2nd Amendment and law enforcement professionals, such as Palmer and many other county Sheriffs, say that it is unenforceable, as no one would know if the law was being broken if 2 people conduct a firearms transfer in their garage or in a parking lot.
Watch the video and note the OSP thugs taking pictures from the rooftops.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see Mr Hoft post this story. Gateway is well read and the shoutout link to Sipsey was nice to see.

While Old Media blackouts are frustrating, the efforts of Patriots are breaking good ground on Internet information sharing. This is nothing to scoff at - let Old Media do the scoffing - concentrating instead on the success of breaking through their filter with examples like this. As a longtime self anointed gatekeeper of information recently said - they don't know where people are getting their news anymore.

And that's a WONDERFUL thing.

Anonymous said...

Obama’s DOJ To Circumvent Congress With ‘More Than A Dozen’ New Gun Controls