Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This tells you all you need to know about whether ATF should stay or go.

19 April 1993. The FBI massacres the Davidians by fire and gets away with it.
First it was the collectivist think tank Center for American "Progress," and now we have a Bloomberg News editorial: "Put ATF Out of Its Misery." If Bloomberg News wants the ATF done away with, it is because they understand that by giving the mission to the secret political police of the FBI, they empower the firearm confiscation agenda. Remember the unconstitutional 1934, 1968 and 1986 laws are NOT going away. The only question is, who do you want enforcing them? The bumblers at the ATF or the murderers and blackmailers at the FBI? I'll take the inefficient devil I know rather than murderous, secretive monster that I also know.
19 April 1995. The FBI covers up their sting operation that got away from them -- and gets away with it.


Anonymous said...

Merge the BATFE with the FBI?! That will happen when pigs fly. The BATFE recruits from the dregs of the federal service rosters. They are a pariah even among the FED LEOS. I cannot wait for this cat fight to get started.

Informed42 said...

You have to have noted that the article in Bloomberg is defensive of the ATF in many ways. ATF= After The Fire. The BATFE has a documented record covering from 1972 when it was created, to the present day. That record has been termed as an
unconstitutional and reprehensible one by Senators and Judges, because it targets, and has targeted, law abiding gun owners with no criminal intent, and not criminals. It has ruined the lives of countless thousands of law abiding gun owners because of technicalities, mis- and dis-information and varying interpretations of Federal Statutes. Those tactics have never been changed or stopped yet, because they generate cases to attempt to justify the Agency's continued existence, and they're a lot less dangerous than going after the really bad people.

I can't wait for Congress to get off its collective dead asses, and change the laws so ATF and its Agents can be held 'personally liable' for ruining people's lives over technicalities in the ever changing laws.

Let a few Agents get sued for everything they've got, and their families put out in the street, and you'd see one hell of a change in their operations and tactics damn quick. Let a few of them and their families reap what they have sown for others tenfold over, and see how big and bad they feel when the shoe is on their foot.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind it so much if they collapsed the ATF budget and just made the fbi take over it's responsibilities. Less funding = less enforcement.