Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Murdered executive supported ‘gun control’-backing politician

That's not stated bluntly in order to "blame the victims," but to keep more from being helplessly butchered. Likewise, no one who is sane would blame the knife, or the bludgeon, or the flames these people were killed with, but had a gun been used, is there any doubt that would have been exploited? The demonic savagery taken out on these unfortunate souls should once more “bring home” that monstrous evil can happen anytime, anywhere, even in exclusive neighborhoods and to the most unlikely of people. We owe it to ourselves and those we care about to consider our defensive options if it does, and not to let anyone else dictate our choices.


Fidel said...

A good lesson, for those wise enough to learn

Galaxie_Man said...

Is it wrong of us to use the death of those that makes our point? The fact that we question ourselves before doing so shows the moral character we possess as opposed to those on the other side, and I think it most useful. The best example of the opposition was here in Kommiecticut. Before the dead had assumed room temperature at Sandy Hook, the anti-gun loons were in full screech of 2nd Amendment repeal or full removal of all private firearms ownership. They were joined by the jackass in chief to push the anti-gun agenda while standing on the coffins of the dead.

We need to learn from our enemies, and strike at the most opportune time when emotions are raw and the event fresh. Within hours of such an incident, we should be shouting our message from the roof tops and every media outlet that will give us a microphone or a camera.

CowboyDan said...

GM, you saw coffins? I don't think anyone else did.

As I recall, according to the police information officer, the families requested the ability to bury their dead and grieve in private. And EVERY news media outlet honored that request.

Right. They did that as a courtesy, a gesture of respect, like they give every other crime victim or celebrity wedding.

Sorry. I can't buy it. Smells like something a bull leaves in piles in the pasture.