Saturday, May 23, 2015

Republican 'leaders' block and derail campus carry in Nevada

Proving that it’s not just Democrats who support infringements on the right of the people to keep and bear arms, two state senators blocked “legal” recognition of adults -- otherwise lawfully eligible to carry firearms -- from doing so on college campuses in Nevada, “Conservatarian” political activist Chuck Muth reported Thursday. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Greg Brower and Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson “have dug in their heels” to kill Amanda’s Law, named for rape survivor and self-defense advocate Amanda Collins, who was prohibited by law from having the means of defense at the time she was attacked.


Anonymous said...

Of course "Republicans" want the American citizenry disarmed. They know that we have figured out that they no longer represent us. That there are no longer two parties but one political class that thinks they are no longer accountable to the people. They know we know this and they know we will hold them accountable.

PO'd American said...

Why are they asking permission to exercise their rights? Simple answer is "just

Anonymous said...

Ya see, Virginia! There are a few Republicans that belong on 'the list'.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened in Florida SB176 stopped cold. The house had no problem passing our bill though.

Anonymous said...

I live in Las Vegas. I am 100% in favor of campus carry being decriminalized. I did not appreciate the Assembly judiciary committee attempting to derail 1) Elimination of the Clark County "Blue Card" handgun registration in favor of complete state preemption, 2) Complete opening of CCW reciprocity to other states' permits, 3) extension of a presumption of justifiable homicide when defending one's car, not just one's home by trying to amend the bill with campus carry. We also, unfortunately, got the Lautenberg misdemeanor domestic violence prohibition language codified into NRS. Getting rid of that handgun registration scheme (and all the other local laws like are found in North Las Vegas and Henderson) was job 1 and they accomplished that. Campus carry is contentious enough that it should be able to stand on its own. It is too bad we didn't get to see them vote on it.

Scott said...

Campus carry is getting a second at-bat:

From the article:

>Most of the eight Republicans who voted against campus
>carry Thursday had a change of heart Friday.
>Seven of the eight opponents are now sponsoring the
>new campus carry bill. They are: Assembly members
>James Oscarson, Jim Wheeler, Melissa Woodbury, Derek
>Armstrong, Chris Edwards, Stephen Silberkraus and Lynn

Bastards must've gotten an earful from their constituents after Michele Fiore exposed them yesterday morning on the radio. If they'd done the right thing, all this could've been avoided. Crap like this is further justification for having quit the GOP for the Independent American Party, as far as I'm concerned.

As for the rest of SB175, it's a mix of good and bad. On the one hand, it outlaws Clark County's handgun registration scheme and expands CCW reciprocity. On the other hand, it strips gun rights from those with certain misdemeanor convictions (you get one guess as to what sort).

Anonymous said...

Elected Republicans of all shapes and sizes appear to be falling all over themselves to prove their loyalty to the blossoming oligarchy.

We the people are no longer much of a factor in their minds or their chosen course of action. They apparently deem government now big and powerful enough to take care of its own, not more pandering necessary.

Gonna make for some interesting times in the near future.