Monday, May 18, 2015

The accomplished property thieves at the ATF are going to be mourning this one.

Supreme Court Makes Major Gun Ruling


PO'd American said...

I think I'll have to side with this forum posting: "doesn’t require a court to rule on, all they need to do is look up the meaning of “infringed” in the dictionary. The government doesn’t have the right nor the power to prevent a “felon” from owning guns, that is an infringement. If the criminal is too dangerous to exercise his human right, than he is too dangerous to be free or left alive. They used to hand the guns and money back to criminals once the served their time. The dangerous criminals were strung up. It was the best system and we need to get back to it."

Anonymous said...

tick tack rick rack
throw the dog a bone


agree with PO'd American

Anonymous said...

So then a "felon" could create a trust, have trust buy and sell guns on a regular basis the. Riiiiight?

On what authority is gubmint claiming the power to create "felon" status IN THE FIRST PLACE, when such a title then is used to deny a CITIZEN their INALIENABLE ENUMERATED rights. What affords the legislature the ability to legislate beyond Constitutional enumeration?

There is only one way to end this idiocy. Overwhelm the judiciary with "felonies" of the most pathetic nature so as to force them to admit the idiocy the robed kings themselves have created.