Saturday, May 23, 2015

Which begs the question: who really fired first? The bikers or the cops?

CCTV Video of Twin Peaks/Waco Shooting Shared With AP Reporters – Gunfire Began Outside, Bikers Running For Cover, Police Entered Restaurant With “Assault Rifles”
"The reason Swanton is claiming not to have seen this video, is specifically because he needs plausible deniability for his public statements which are counter to the content within the video. Now I’m certain this entire shooting is fishy and filled with CYA."


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for concrete evidence of where the kill shots were placed. It's rumored that the dead bikers all had head and chest wounds. Leading me to believe the cops had marksmen well back from the scene taking out the bikers. And if true that the bikers never really even fired on anyone then this looks more like a "hit" by LE than some biker shootout gone bad. Normally I wouldn't give a shit about dead outlaw bikers, but if the stage was set for LE to just take them out then who's next for that type of treatment? A patriot group meeting? And which is the real outlaw gang - the bikers or the cops?

Cal said...

Also be aware that most there were Biker CLUBS, not gangs, met there regularly.

Anonymous said...

It did take place in Waco, TX, which has a history of shoot first, make up lies later.

Ed said...

Is there a different argument for the organized crime here?

""Published reports indicate that Waco and McLennan County could realize more than $3 million from the sale of motorcycles and cars seized at the crime scene”…."

So, for there to be a crime there needs to be means, motive and opportunity of a government prohibited activity.,_motive,_and_opportunity

If Federal agents were there, who will independently investigate whether there was a gross violation of civil rights?

Anonymous said...

Watch now as autopsy reports are umm missing certain information like wound determine caliber calls.

The talking heads jumped on this instantly as the new 24 hours a day topic and the dropped it just a day in - now we know why. Some of the higher ups got wind of what really happened and CYA is indeed working overtime shifts right about now.

So where is that photo op where they lay out all the arms and ammo for that "scary" picture.....?????

Dave said...

Those bikers or their representative should show up en masse at the vehicle auction and bid $1 for their own vehicle. Anybody upping the bid gets a painful lesson from the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Scroll down and the men murdered were in fact, most shot in the head 2 shot in the chest, likely the heart area, 1 shot in the neck, likely a little low from the downward angle from the roof top. And 2 were not known, likely head shots. Not known to hold the head shot numbers down. Total, 9 murderd with 170 being held in a prison setting to keep their story from being heard. This is so far over the top and yet it looks like there is going to be nothing done about it, because the coparate media has slandered the victims as evil criminal bikers. America's citizens are being murdered in cold blood because they are Free Souls who do not Baaaaaaa like the rest of the sheep.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a profound lack of clarity here. It stinks badly. There are a number of working hypotheses at this time:

1. Bad blood rocker feud leads to battle with no police involvement other than adrenalized mag dump per SOP.

2. Setup by Bandidos over rocker issue leads to slaughter by same in parking lot with no police involvement other than adrenalized mag dump per SOP.
2a. Same but with collaboration from Bandito friendly PO helping on the shooting end.

3. Setup by .gov (fedlocalstate who cares) instigating inside or out with targeted shooting by serious shooters to stomp out liberty minded folk.

4. Setup by Fed .gov Blackbag folks instigating inside or out with targeted shooting by serious shooters to stomp out TX secessionists (who met with Russkies and maybe "Cossacks" who maybe met with Nightwolves? <-that part is total speculation on my part. Does anyone remember who the Cossacks were and what became of them? Hint it didn't end well.

Motives are abundant.
Banditos had motive because they felt disrespected by Cossack rocker. Cossacks had motive because there was an ongoing feud over rocker. Local PO probably had motive because they could be involved in shenanigans with dominant clubs. Fedgov had motive because they get to stomp a group that might provide other than passive resistance in public.