Thursday, May 21, 2015

GOA supporters to question presidential hopefuls in ‘tele-town hall meeting'

Evidently opposed to inclusion of uncompromising gun rights constituencies in the electoral decision-making process, the “progressive” group People for the American Way attempted to pressure Sen. Cruz and others to withdraw from the planned events. Instead of discussing the proper role of government in relation to the Second Amendment, an attack piece “press release” published yesterday resorted to smearing GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt by implying he is a violent racist, and tried to scare GOP candidates away from being affiliated with “the most extreme elements of their party’s base.”

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Anonymous said...

For the last three presidents I have argued that a candidates stated and held position regarding the Second Amendment is a steadfast picture of how they will govern as the Chief Executive. It's the CLEARCUT question that demonstrates whether a candidate believes the Constitution MEANS what it says or whether it's just a set of semi ambiguous guidelines...a suggestion box piece.

Ted Cruz knows this and has no problem being straightforward about guns AND rights. I will say this much - the GAO can drive a spike through the FuddMobile if he can make enough noise on this front.
Rand will have the courage to stand - and I predict Ben Carson will enter this stage in order to "clarify" his earlier screw up (only making his candidacy sink UNLESS he goes all in on the Constitutional Carry front - which he might.

I hope Cruz is loud about ANYONE too afraid to come and be OPEN about how they view the Second Amendment.

The political left is scared stiff to face a Constitutional Carry Candidate because they KNOW that if facing a guns or no guns choice....the no gun candidate is burnt day old tossed in the garbage TOAST!