Tuesday, May 19, 2015

No more Bradleys and bayonets for you, Mr. Police Chief.

List of Obama's new embargo on military equipment to the cops.
I have long been on record as approving of the transfer of military hardware out into the hinterland where the armed citizenry can get its hands on it when it needs to. It could well be that the Obama administration, faced with the latest example in a long line of Iraqi Shia cowardice arming ISIS, started worrying about that very thing here at home.
The units that had been attempting to retake Ramadi, which was attacked late Thursday evening and had fallen mostly into militant hands by Saturday, were in the process of fleeing the city and had abandoned dozens of U.S.-supplied armored vehicles, as well as artillery, heavy machine guns and other military gear as they fled mostly on foot from the fighting.
(MBV NOTE: On another pet peeve of mine -- We gave this stuff to the Iraqi "central 'government'" which promptly surrenders it to ISIS, but we refuse to arm the Kurds who are the only effective fighting force in the region.)


Uncle Elmo said...

"The Pentagon will no longer give police... .50-caliber or higher ammunition and firearms..."

Better we save them for the Mexican Cartels in the ATF's next 'botched sting operation'.

Lisa said...

Good morning, Michael.

This may be the only thing Obama has done on which I actually agree. In fact, I'd like to see a complete stop to providing military equipment to so-called law enforcement.

Militarization of the police has not been a good thing in my view and the increased force capability the militarization of police has had on domestic conflict as been anything but deescalating. The rioting that we're seeing today isn't totally unlike the civil rights riots and Vietnam War protests of the late 1960's and early 1970's. (Yes, I'm that old.) It is not necessary to militarize the police to meet these riots. During the 1960's and '70's the National Guard was deployed on the most extreme riotous circumstances. Do you remember Kent State?

Perhaps, some people are okay with murdering those who disagree with them, that is not a cause I'd be able to support. I guess that's why I'm anti-government now. I don't support a government who wants to murder the citizenry because a segment of the citizenry won't go along with the dissolution of our God-given rights.

Oh well...

Much love,


Anonymous said...


It's all accidental like....

Bad things just keep happening with this regime. The bad guys never had better friends and our allies never had worse.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the ATF, DHS, DEA, etc can put the bayonet's to better use.

Anonymous said...

We must stop arming Muslims. Period.

It's all just a scam - any arming of any of them IS arming our enemy. Islam is the enemy of freedom and liberty. It needs to be destroyed - not armed! Nukes to knives- even to wealth from oil to diamonds and dollar bills... We should take a war footing against them all. They are ALL at war against our ideals, our inherent inalienable rights -because their book instructs them that our claims about endowed self evident liberty are illegitimate (as they are not sharia based).

I cannot for the life of me figure out why folks, to this day, DENY this stark reality. Arming the "good" Muslims now will only serve to face those same armaments in the future.

We must stop ignoring this historically demonstrated FACT!

Allen said...

this could also mean they've got all they are expected to need, and the "no more" is all for show.