Monday, May 25, 2015

NRA magazine -- ALL M855 victory and NO 7n6 defeat

Not one word about 7n6 in this May article, because that ban slipped by without most of the American gun-owning public, policymakers, or gun lobbyists even raising an eyebrow. The NRA lost that fight, but then again, it scarcely even lifted a finger to resist. But all of that doesn't fit the current M855 narrative--that NRA stood ready and jumped into action to prevent reinterpretation of "sporting purposes" clauses, reclassification of pistol vs. rifle ammunition, and so forth. They failed.


Anonymous said...

Yet another reason why the NRA will never see another dime of my money, they sold out back in the early 90's and have never redeemed themselves.

GOA gets all my donations.

Anonymous said...

The NRA made a "deal" with the devil in creating the "sporting purposes" and "hunting" canards. These misnomers have created the butter it now endlessly seeks for its bread.

Face it Fudds, the NRA is a Gun Control organization!
It's own actions spanning a century prove it.

It's hasn't failed at all. It has succeeded wildly!!! Perspective matters.....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for even mentioning the 7N6 ban. It's galling that organizations claim some sort of victory with regard to the M855 ban, but nothing about the 7N6. That means that gun rights have broken even, not won anything.