Friday, May 15, 2015

Planning more stops in Oregon and in between. Get your request in now.

As I wrote the other day:
Just got off the phone with Reuben, the organizer of the the rally on the 30th in Salem. It will be quite a haul (5,000 miles round trip) for a ten-minute speech, but I'll try to combine it with other sedition to the Empire on the way out and on the way back.
Speaking of other sedition, MJW-1982 writes in a comment to that post, inviting me to another rally the following day in Coos Bay. He informs me that it is 3 hours southwest of Salem (MapQuest says it is an additional 178 miles). This seems doable to me. He writes, "I'm sure we can get some donations to cover the gas/food/lodging. If you think it's possible I will run it past the members of our Facebook group."
Now the way things have been working lately, I have been staying at the residences of folks who volunteer to put me up for the night rather than stay in hotels. This makes the resources stretch quite a bit farther. Of course I don't dare attempt it without a co-driver so whatever arrangements we do make will have to include him as well. It also would be foolish to be in Oregon and not stop by the miners in Grants Pass, although exactly what day that would be has yet to be determined. According to MapQuest, that's just an additional 3 hours from Coos Bay to Grant's Pass (That's another 178 miles. On the way out, Birmingham to Salem OR is about 2600 miles, but it will be a little bit longer than that because at least one night I would like to spend in south central Wyoming). So maybe Monday works for GP. From Grants Pass back to Birmingham is another 2600 miles.
In any case, I get a lot more work done for the resistance at meet-and-greets usually at the breakfasts, lunches and dinners with local folks along the way. Take a look at the itinerary on MapQuest and if you want me to stop by a reasonable waypoints and speak or meet-and-greet, drop me an email. I don't promise I can accommodate everybody, but if you make a good case that's not too far off the track, I'll try to work it in.


Anonymous said...
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Unclezip said...

Don't trust Map Quest on driving time - In Oregun, the path is either up or down, and always twisty. Looking forward to seeing you on the 30th. Keep well, friend.

The Infamous Oregon Lawhobbit said...

The itinerary on MapQuest?