Thursday, May 21, 2015

You bet yer ass it threatens unrestrained democracy. That's the way the Founders intended it.

The "government-monopoly-of-violence advocates" have finally decided that they can't be silent about armed civil disobedience any longer: Groups warn Oregon mine militia dispute threatens democracy.
A coalition of public policy advocates warned on Tuesday that a group of armed conservative activists who have been guarding a mine in southern Oregon for over a month are a sign of an emerging violent anti-government movement.
The groups behind the newly formed "Ballots Not Bullets" coalition said they will seek to promote democracy over what they call militia-style extremism and will try to counter these kinds of movements nationwide.
Created by seven organizations including the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and Catholics in Alliance for Common Good, Ballots Not Bullets is a response to an ongoing legal battle between the owners of a mining claim outside the small Oregon town of Medford and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. . .
"It is a rejection of any kind of democratic compromise and the endorsement of the use of weapons and violence to get your way," said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a coalition member.
I've got news fer ya, Markie, you don't get to compromise our natural, God-given and inalienable rights, no matter how many elections you collectivists win. The Founders viewed unrestrained democracy as just as great a threat to liberty as monarchy.


Anonymous said...

Right on Mike. These useful idiots that some "Democracy" group found to use will get a good dose of "Democracy" when their private property is threatened some day. Those folks are either tyrants themselves, or are so dumbed down that they don't know the difference between Republic and Democracy.

HappyClinger said...

Under the circumstances, Patriots are showing almost immeasurable restraint across the board.

Anonymous said...

The SCLC is talking about representative democracy, not mob democracy. I don't think the founders saw representative democracy as as great a threat as monarchy.