Thursday, May 21, 2015

The return of Sid Vicious

Just in case y'all don't remember this piece of collectivist excrement from the 90s.
There is nothing new in human history about courtiers. If James I could have his Duke of Buckingham, Bill and Hillary could have their Sidney Blumenthal. But the whiff of venom attended much of what Blumenthal did. He was noted for his conspiratorial thinking and nasty, highly personalized, whisper-campaign politics. Much can be learned about his smash-mouth style by studying the social behavior of the spotted hyena.

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Anonymous said...

i may have the clintonista play roster confused, but i recall an incident in a northeast news paper about either sid blumenthal or harold ickes getting asked a question by a reporter in an elevator, and the response was to drop to his knees and bite the reporter on the leg. I recall asking myself, "who fights like that but a viciously disturbed individual?"