Sunday, May 31, 2015

Stopped for the night. Within easy reach of Sugar Pine Mine in the morning.

Speaking at Coos Bay.
My speech at Coos Bay rambled a bit at first because I was off-the-cuffing it, but it was well received. Got to meet lots of new folks and we went to late lunch for a meet-n-greet. afterward, I got to dip my toe in the Pacific Ocean, a body of water that in my almost 63 years I had never seen. Never been this far west before! Will go to sugar Pine in the morning and then, depending up how long it takes, I'll be on the way to Salt Lake City immediately afterward. However, it is a twelve hour drive between Medford and SLC, so whether I am able to get there on Monday night is. to say the least, problematic. For those of you who are awaiting my arrival for a meet-n-greet, all I can tell you that if you send me your cell phone I'll call you when a.) I know, and b.) I'm not in a dead zone.

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mjw-1982 said...

Thanks so much for your presence Mike. For you to be willing to go out of your way for a little rally in a small town means a lot, especially since this was my first time organizing something like this. Meeting new people was great. It's always amazed me that talking to any people who love freedom is just like meeting with old friends. I can't wait to do it again.