Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Speaker's List Schedule for the Salem Event on Saturday.

Speaker List as posted on their Facebook page:
"The list of speakers at the event is as follows! If you should be speaking and do not see your name on the list, please get into contact with me (Reuben Eliason) ASAP!"
1. Kit Lange, With The Washington LFA III%
2. Rep Mike Nearman, From the Oregon House of Representatives
3. Casey Runyan, President of the Heirs of Patrick Henry NW
4. Sheriff Glen Palmer, Testified Against SB 941
5. Anthony Bosworth, With The Washington LFA III%
6. Rep Bill Post, From the Oregon House of Representatives.
7. Mike Vanderbough, Inventor of the III%
8. Kevin Starrett, President of the OFF
9. Rick Halle, With the Gun Rights Coalition, and more!
10. Jeff Ford, Oregon Coordinator for the Oathkeepers
11. Jeff Krpof, With Petunia the Spending Pig! (Tentative)
12. Ian Houston, Youtube: TheHossUSMC
13. Tom Mckirgan, With the Oregon III%
14. Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of the Oathkeepers
15. Gavin Seim, Liberty Activist and organizer for I-594 i will not comply.
The event kicks off at noon Pacific and we will all be held to a five to ten minute limit. I'm looking forward to seeing the Washington state folks, Oath Keepers and Three Percenters out there. If you come to the event, look me up after my speech and we'll try to go to lunch. There will also, obviously, be an opportunity for an evening meet-n-greet over supper. I'll be pulling out of here late morning to rendezvous with my co-driver and then on to the Beaver State.


The Infamous Oregon Lawhobbit said...

Close enough for (non)government work on your name spelling there? :D

mjw-1982 said...

Gotta admit I screwed it up too in our flyer for the Coos Bay rally. I sure hope he still shows up ;)