Saturday, May 16, 2015

Folks, I'm going to take this morning off.

I've been sick as a dog these past few days and I'm going to be busy this afternoon and evening with my speech to the Alabama Oath Keepers meeting. Heck, I let the OK's down and missed an opportunity to do a radio show yesterday to drum up support for the meeting because I was running out both ends.
I did get to work on my speech for Oregon a bit yesterday. The subject will be "Speaking Truth to Power." Here's the opening paragraph:
There is an old saying in the Quaker church, “Speak truth to power.” No one seems to know exactly who said it first, or how old it truly is. But I’m going to guess that whoever first said it, as well as most of the folks who mindlessly repeated it over the years, have never tried themselves to actually speak truth to power. Or if they did, they probably got their asses kicked for their trouble. Because I can tell you from personal experience, the powerful don’t like to have the truth told to them. Not by a long shot do they. And if you actually try to do it, as I have, you’ll find out what I’m talking about after you pick yourself off the floor.
There's more of course. And there is one way you can speak truth to power and get away with it -- if you're armed, and you have friends who are also armed.
But for now, I'm going to have to let you down this morning. Sorry. If the muse returns without Churchill's black dog, I'll have more later.


skybill said...

Hi Mike,
WOW!! "Speak Truth to Power!!" Very well put. Also brings to mind ol' Teddy R's sayin', "Speak softly an' carry a 'Big Stick!!'" "And," I might quote my old Skydivin' "sidekick" and Oracle of the Skyways and Byways,"His Majesty the Reaper's Royal Scribe," Sammy Skull!!"..........
"Got Gunz???,"
skybill & "Sam"-out

Anonymous said...

Speaking Truth to Power hmm? That's a very interesting concept. I had a little experience with that yesterday, in an administrative hearing with some county 'officials' who seem to have that same appetite for other people's freedoms and rights that gun grabbers do. One of the first things addressed (or rather, they left UNanswered) was my question to them about what makes them think they have jurisdiction or authority over me and my stuff. The 'complaint' is that the stuff I have has been classified by them as 'junk' and they are insisting I get rid of it, all done on behalf of whining neighbors who hide behind the anonymity of a phone. Calling my stuff junk does not make it so. It cost me a lot of money or time and I couldn't afford to replace it now, yet they feel they have the 'power' or authority to tell me what I can or cannot do with it, and where I can keep it or how.

Nobody's rights are being violated by me keeping it here, on what is private property. Nobody has come forward to make a claim that they have been hurt, injured or damaged by my stuff, or that their property values have gone down while they're trying to sell a house - yet some few people feel they have a right to tell me what to do with it, or have the county do so, and then charge my landlady fines if I don't. She's the weak link in all this, mainly because she doesn't know how to stand up for her rights, as is the case with most of us who've grown up under the thumb of those who've usurped authority and now assert that authority over those of us who loaned it to them to begin with.

See, that's the problem, in a nutshell. Government, which was supposedly created to take care of stuff we didn't want to, has now grown to the point where it thinks it is the master and we are the slaves. Well, we are acting like slaves when we allow those few people in government positions to push us around. But some of us are beginning to question that relationship. After all, they keep teaching us in school about how and why the Founding Fathers created the national government and made sure the states would have a republican form of government (and NOT 'democratic'). So when we start questioning why these folks seem to think they can abuse and violate our natural rights, and we begin to fight back, what do they really expect? That we'll just tuck our tails and go back to acting and living like slaves?

The administrative hearing officer, a former highway patrol officer who'd retired then gone to work for the local fire department (and is now retired from that, probably getting two pensions) had a hard time with my assertion that just because I was living in this state, and that I get mail in this state, that I would claim I was not a resident of this state. I've studied enough about the law - both statutory and common law (most recently with information from Karl Lentz) - to know that one has to do some VERY specific things to be considered a resident of a particular state. This went right over his head, just as the assertion of the right to self protection, and the right to keep and bear arms, goes right over the heads of gun grabbers. It seems to be a particular mindset of liberals, and although I don't know what these county officials' political leanings are, I can bet they're all liberals, simply because of their behavior in seeking ever more control over other people and their thirst for my (and my landlady's) property.


Anonymous said...

continuing . . .

The ordinance they're using supposedly legalizes outright theft, first of my private possessions/property if I don't get rid of it myself (this is without compensation, of course), then imposition of a bill for them taking it, and a fine for my landlady for 'allowing' it to be stored here, when there was no condition in our agreement about how anything I have should be stored. Then if she doesn't pay the fine, they will place a lien on her private property and if she still doesn't pay the fine they will sell it - for the price of the lien. That's just outright theft, plain and simple. In law (as opposed to legal) words - a taking, without just compensation.

That's what gun grabbers do - they take, without just compensation.

So when I ask these people just what makes them think that they have the authority to do so, they say "we all have codes and statutes that we have to follow", but they don't say where a corporation, which is what these state, county and local governments are, get this 'power' over a man, or a woman, who are their creators. The codes and statutes and ordinances they keep quoting are directed at PERSONS. In legal terms that means other CORPORATIONS. Look it up in any law dictionary - it's plain for anyone to see. A man or a woman is NOT a 'person', NOT a legal fiction. These men and women who are members of corporations, acting as officers of corporations, don't seem to get the idea that unless we have some kind of agreement (a contract) that we have entered into willingly, knowingly, and with valuable consideration, they can't hold us to their arbitrary agreements, and this is what I've recently come to know, after 30 long years of study: that unless we stand against these petty tyrants as what we truly are, each of us, a simple man or woman who has never really knowingly given up the natural rights we were (supposedly) born with, then we literally ARE their slaves and we should just quit whining about the beatings and the theft they subject us to.

The men who set up the national corporation knew exactly what would happen some day (sooner than they thought, I bet) - that men would turn the relationship of government to governed upside down and make the governed slaves of the government. The sooner we get this through our thick heads and realize the dire predicament we're in, the sooner we'll find our own courage to stand up against these little bureaucratic tyrants and get them out of our lives. As long as we keep thinking of ourselves as subordinate to them, we will continue to lose what little rights we retain.

I think it's long past time to turn that around. As far as I know, the only way to regain what we've lost is to quit calling ourselves and acting like their little 'persons', and start calling ourselves and acting like real men and women again. A real man, in the flesh, doesn't cower and grovel before some black-robed tyrant whose only authority is based on some piece of paper that another corporate officer signed. We'd best be about challenging that so-called 'authority' real soon, and SPEAK that Truth to so-called 'power', or be ready to give up the last vestiges of freedom and peace that we once knew.


RVN11B said...

I am certain I have said this before!

Man take care of yourself! Nothing is gained by you pushing yourself past your limits.

Pace yourself and slow down. We will be here waiting.

Anonymous said...

They say the closer you stand to GOD the more stones the devil throws at you. May GOD continue to bless you.

iwitness02 said...

Some men have a powerful internal drive that pushes them on in pursuit of what they believe. You have it in spades. It is almost a curse to care, in a world where no good deed goes unpunished. I do pray for you Mike.

Anonymous said...

"and then charge my landlady fines if I don't".

Just a minute. You mean you are collecting and storing stuff, junk, treasures...whatever....on rented property?

Are you aware that your entire argument just vaporized?

Cal said...

God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 8:45 AM - doesn't matter whether she's doing it or I'm doing it. The property is PRIVATE property, not public, not real estate, not real property - it's PRIVATE, as is our agreement. And this is something that every one of us, no matter what our issues are, needs to realize, because it has every bit as much to do with gun rights as EVERY other right to property and liberty that these corporations we call government want to control, curtail and - eventually - eliminate. Let me explain:

The county is NOT a party to our agreement. Neither are we, individually or together, in ANY contract or agreement with the county. They have no 'valuable interest' in the property - the land - other than what they 'claim' is the basis for nexus, so they can tax private people on their private property. Most folks in the states have NEVER been subject to taxes on private property - and that is the crux of the whole case. They've figured out a way to put a label on something so they can make us THINK it's subject to taxation under their corporate statutes when it's not. You see, ALL counties across the nation have hoodwinked us into handing over the original title to our lands to their county recorder's offices. Then they hand us back a piece of paper that is a 'certification' that a title exists. They're just 'keeping it safe' for us, you see. That was the excuse and con job they pulled on us. "What if your ranch or farm or house in the Hamptons burns down with your papers - how would you prove to the next buyer you really own the land?" they said to us poor dumb sheep. It's 'much safer' in a nice big court house or government building, and then we can take care of all the paperwork and transfers and even record it for you when you sell all or part of your land. Isn't that nice?

Well, guess what happened next? When the state, or county, or city wanted to make improvements to the streets and roads, or put in a water supply, or sewers, or street lights, well guess what they put up as collateral or bonds for the projects? That's right - OUR titles. They were in possession of them, so in contract law that means they're the actual owners of the land. They call US the 'owner', but in reality THEY hold the titles. I'll bet that in most cases, since it's been so long, the world's larger banks (Bank of England, etc.) are probably holding the titles. But they'll never tell us that. That's something they are supposed to disclose but probably never will. They are happy to tell us that they are still keeping the title safe for us when it's long gone - which is fraud and unlawful conversion. That's only the beginning.

Now they write statutes that define the land not as private land but as 'real property', or 'real estate', and other words ('terms' in legalese) that place it in COMMERCE, because those are the only kind of transactions that governments, from Congress on down to the local level, have any authority over. Now they have us believing the land is still 'in commerce', never mind the fact that it's bought and paid for. And they tax it at what they call the 'market value', even though it is no longer ON the market - and you never intend that it ever be on the market again. So millions of pieces of otherwise UNtaxable PRIVATE land/property become subject to taxation to pay for ever increasing government. Only commercial property was ever meant to be taxed - all they did was merely redefine our private property and conned us into believing they had the authority to do so - basically at gunpoint after a tax lien and auction on the courthouse steps if we don’t pay the tax. (Ever wonder why they do it OUTSIDE instead of IN the courthouse? There's a clue as to how they know it's wrong.)

(continued) . . .

Anonymous said...

Continuing . . .

Are you seeing how this applies to ALL of our daily life yet? This is how Congress, through their private corporation agent the ATF, gains control over the once PRIVATE transactions of buying and selling firearms and explosives (the stuff that goes IN cartridges) - because they ARE authorized to have control over INTERSTATE commerce. That's what the 1934 NFA and reg's were about - and it was moonshine the two federal agents were looking for that started that first test case back in 1939. "Illegal possession and interstate transport of an unregistered shotgun with a barrel less than eighteen inches long." Read Unintended Consequences by John Ross. It's pretty enlightening about how that case was won at the district court level. Judge Ragon had a lot more common sense than most do nowadays and, if Ross' fictionalized version of the proceedings is anywhere near what happened, he almost argued the case for Miller and Layton himself. But it was LOST on appeal to the US Supreme Court because the defense attorney never responded to the appeal on behalf of Miller and Layton. The rest is history. (In my mind, another case should be carefully put together and taken up to the US Supreme Court again, challenging stare decisis by using the same argument with an EXACT model shotgun that WAS issued in WWI, like a Winchester M97, and not the kind Miller had, or maybe even something current, like an M16.)

What I'm getting at is how the government legislatures have crafted Mala Prohibita laws (statutes) that make once innocent acts into crimes, and how they use the terms of their attorney craft to trick us into believing those statutes apply to us and our everyday life, when in reality they don't. Statutory law, e.g. statutes, codes, regulations, ordinances, etc. are for "persons" - their term for legal fictions (i.e. corporations) - not for flesh-and-blood men and women. Our law is the common law, or the law that is common to all men and women, the law that WE can comprehend in simple language, not legal gobbledygook that often has the opposite meaning of what we think. But after many years of government brain-laundry schooling we acquiesce into their nightmare and before you know it we wake up in a cold sweat if we hear loud banging on the door and shouts of "Police! Search warrant!", wondering just what kind of cruelty, mayhem and possible murder is in store for us in the next few minutes and which of their thousands of so-called 'laws' we violated. Is your mattress tag in order comrade? Did you accidentally put a plastic bottle in the aluminum recycling bin?

So now whether it's the PRIVATE land or my PRIVATE property/possessions, they think they have authority and POWER over me and my stuff, no matter who's doing the act. We all KNOW that what they're doing is wrong in every way possible. But they have brainwashed everybody - well, almost everybody - into believing their BS. And now a few of us are waking up to the fact that they've turned the entire relationship of the creators (governed - but ONLY by consent) and the creation (government) upside down. The Founding Fathers KNEW this would happen. And although I understand what the dear departed Harry Coombs - a.k.a. The Informer - was saying in his revelation that the Constitution was written in favor of the corporation and sustaining its relationship with the Crown, I think it was the best that could be had for that time, and ours. Knowing what we know today, that technology will bring even further means of control and suppression, we could probably very carefully craft a new Constitution that might effectively lock down a future government of tyrants and attorneys, but it's the best we have at the moment.

That's if we win this coming civil war.


P.S. There's a YouTube video that explains the property tax fraud. Search there for: remove your property from the tax roll