Saturday, May 23, 2015

Yakima Arms Expo

Arms Expo 2015 is June 20-21, and will be a two-day family event for patriots.  It consists of the following:

Constitutional Gun Show and Liberty Market
Expo goers will be able to buy and sell guns according to the Second Amendment--no paperwork, no background checks.  If you have guns, ammo, magazines, or other gun-related items, you can sell them no questions asked at the expo.  The Liberty Market will offer many other types of items for sale as well, including:

- Freeze dried prepper food
- Gun barrels and other parts
- Flash drives with the secure Tails operating system already installed
- Books and information from well-known personalities in the prepper and liberty movement
- Food and drink vendors and more!

Classes and Demonstrations
Arms Expo will also be offering short classes on topics important to those who follow the liberty movement, are prepping, or who are interested in self-defense, such as:

- Canning and Storing Food
- Gun Safety
- Advanced Defensive Pistol Course (to be held on a private range nearby the weekend after the expo)
- Intelligence and Deception Detection
- Raising Patriot Kids
- Living Liberty Every Day
- Building an AR-15
- Range Day, sponsored by Tactical Supply of Yakima
- much more!

Camping for the Family
People looking to take advantage of the entire Expo or who are traveling a long way to come can get a campsite right on the Expo grounds.  There will be 24-hour armed security and a family-friendly environment.  Get to know your fellow patriots, enjoy an evening bonfire and don't miss any part of the expo.

Liberty Speakers
Some of the most influential and on-fire personalities in the liberty movement will be on hand to speak, meet patriots and talk about what's important in the fight.

- Mike Vanderboegh
- Rep. Matthew Shea
- Cope Reynolds

Live Entertainment
Popular singer/songwriter Jordan Page will be live at the Expo!

Kids Activities
If you have kids, no better place to introduce them to the liberty movement and safe firearm handling.  We will have firearm safety classes, games, face painting, and more.

For more information check out the website:

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The dates all say "Jan". Should that be "Jun", I assume ?
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