Thursday, May 21, 2015

Will Grigg: False Flags, Biker Gangs, and the PATCON Legacy

Will provides some background.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if we will see the ME and Ballistics report.....
Or will that fall under National Security and or Privacy...oh wait, after the 3 yr trial is over we will get the Doctored Redacted Version.

TRex said...

His background may be honest, but I don't think his conclusions are going to be found accurate.

The investigation is ongoing, and eventually we will find out who shot whom.

Anonymous said...

Trex, don't you find it odd that so many cops were waiting with AR15s and an APC that all just happened to be standing by before the giant brawl took place?

TRex said...

Not in the least. The gangs had advertised the meeting.

It was also know that a rival gang had stated they were going to show up, and that all of the gangs would be wearing their colors.

The police had already discussed it with the owners of the restaurant, warning them that it was likely there would be trouble between gangs.

It doesn't take a genius to read the writing on the wall, it takes someone delusional to think this would end any other way.