Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The FEC’s Latest Great Idea: Dismantle Capitalism to Get More Women in Office.

I am sure that American taxpayers are overjoyed that a federal agency held a hearing on a nonexistent problem so that a group of academics could present their inane theories to solve it — theories that, if implemented, would restrict basic liberties and freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights. During the golden age of radio, Jimmy Durante once said that politics developed more comedians than radio ever did. Based on the testimony at Chairwoman Ravel’s FEC hearing, today it seems that academia is giving both a run for their money.


Anonymous said...

All this nonsense about gender and politics is being stirred up so women will feel betrayed by the system and vote for Hillary Clinton. Any woman with a shred of integrity should realize voting for her is like a vote for Pablo Escobar. But this is all the progressives/communists have as of late; race/gender politics. It so easy to see through yet so many fall for it.

TheBohunk said...

That's because it isn't about women or getting women into poliics. Just like Feminism is not nor ever was about advancing women.

It's about selling communism wrapped in a happy sounding feel-good package.

Anonymous said...

Ask women if they think there should be more women in elected offices and the majority say yes.

Ask those same affirmative responders if they would be willing to run for office and the majority say no. That's a majority of a majority. They don't want to!

What are we supposed to do if women don't want to run?

Some in academia realize there's a problem even if their hypotheis on the cause(s) and therefore their proposed corrective actions are off.

As for the others, as usual they're having problems with their posture. They suffer from something called "cranial rectal inversion".

Anonymous said...

Good Grief! Who's the tw-t in the middle picture in the article?! Looks like Rachael MadCow's female cousin dressed in a man's suit (complete with pink tie)

B Woodman