Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Retired Army Officer Reacts to Congressman Gohmert's Take on Jade Helm.

A retired Army officer forwarded me Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert's take on Jade Helm 15: "Changes needed in Jade Helm military exercises." So I asked him, "What do YOU think?" To which he responded:
Much as Gohmert does: Our wargames, command-post and field-exercise scenarios never depicted the sovereign States; it was not ever done, regardless whether "hostile," "permissive" or "uncertain". Fictitious country names were always used. Often the territories would be carved up so as to not even match State boundaries.
Jade Helm 15 is different. Texas hostile? Utah hostile? Who knew? Quelle surprise.
Either the administration put out some "guidance" specifying these precise exercise parameters to the (military) exercise planners, or some (military) exercise planners are simply going along with the latest political memes - and no one in (military) authority has reined them in. [We have seen this before, spontaneously, when local school administrators, working with local police, conducted "react to the local terrorist threat" drills (traumatizing the staff and kids, usually), where Christian homeschoolers were named as the threat. This sort of thing is quite expected, given current societal memes.]
There is a great deal of conservative, traditional American angst over the potential for misdirection and/or blatant tyrannical action by this rogue administration. And having a military whose highest leadership has lost its way by assuming its slavish obedience to its civilian master equals fidelity to their constitutional duty doesn't help settle the collective jitters, either.
So while I think that angst is understandable, for all the reasons Gohmert lists, nevertheless I do not think that Jade Helm 15 is going to result in a sudden jump to processing local conservatives into concentration camps.
Like Denninger, I do question a number of stated premises. Most obviously the working-up with local, state and federal police agencies concerning TTP's that can only be described as population control.
While there is nothing (conceptually) wrong with the US Military conducting training exercises on the economy, it has not been large-scale US military practice since WW II. Prior to WWII, it was common. But it needs to be done with a respect for the people of the United States that this administration utterly lacks.
To quote Rep. Gohmert: "The map of the exercise needs to change, the names on the map need to change, and the tone of the exercise needs to be completely revamped so the federal government is not intentionally practicing war against its own states."
And I will add that the Military needs to get back to earning the trust of the American people by not kow-towing to a partisan administration. Senior military leaders need to show a little backbone.
Yeah, I know. It is to laugh.


Anonymous said...

And therein explains the problem - military officers "cowtowing" to the dictator. What's next? Take an oath to him a la Hitler instead of the constitution? And how about the purges of so many officers over the past few years? Are they the ones that wouldn't accept payoffs to screw over the American People? Obama and his henchmen have found a way to get around the Smedley Butlers of the world. Just fire their ass. All of which leaves me with an uneasy feeling about military leadership. I'd love to trust them, but how do I know which ones have sold out to Satan. I'm praying that many (hopefully all) are just "playing possum" and making believe they're going along with Obama's hatred of America, but worldly promises can do funny things to people.

Anonymous said...

We used to say:

"How many 'attaboy's' are wiped out by one 'ah shit'? "

The answer was:

"All of them!"

By the time an organization decides to devote scarce resources to "ethics training", it is an acknowledgement by the brass that the organization at least in part has no ethics and is often too little too late.

Ethics come from the top.

By the time an organization decides it needs to "regain the trust of the American people a similar process is in play. Note that while people used to fear the IRS, there wasn't a distrustful component.

Trust, like respect, is not something you demand, it is something you earn.

Just as you cannot glue a formerly priceless piece of porcelain back together and recoup the value of it's unbroken state, just as you will never truly trust your spouse after their first exposed affair, many facets of our government, including our military have lost the trust of the American people. A trust that can (hopefully) never be regained. The reason I say "hopefully" is that The Founders knew that government was, by it's very essence, something not to be trusted.

The founders never intended us to trust our government, nor should we.

Anonymous said...

Why Texas and Utah and that great bastion of conservatism SoCal Hostile?

What unit is stationed in Camp Bullis, Texas?

What Bn is stationed in Camp Williams Utah?

Who is stationed in Coronado, SoCal, and has a training camp in Niland SoCal, and has used all that land the can legally use since the 1962?

Do you think the active duty planners looked for help in setting up a big exercise are going to act like normal human and make their job easier by working with people who are subject matter experts in their local areas?

Please look up who is stationed in these states and locations. It will be clear to you as to why those states/location where chosen.

A little Link Analysis folks.

Unknown said...

I was in the "Americal" Division in Viet Nam 46 years ago. I got there after the Mai Lai Massacre. The Division Command was in Damage Control Mode, giving us all classes that included we must not murder the prisoners of war.

It is not common for American troops to act like SS Commandos, but it happens.

It looks to me, however, like Jade Helm 15 and other activities are deliberately designed to lure us innocent civilians into firing the first shots. BEWARE!

Anonymous said...

Moral Cowardice has permeated the Officer Ranks. It is NOT unconceivable for these "Boot Licking, Yes Men/Women," to obey orders to fire on American Citizens, Unconstitutionally Detain them, Search them, etc. They will do anything for that next promotion, as pleasing their superiors is so ingrained into their psyche, to not immediately obey orders from higher authorities, regardless of their legality, is unfathomable...

1NCCCH said...

Camp Williams is in Bluffdale Utah and is home to the National Security Agency's national data storage center.

Anonymous said...

as the 'leadership' of the military has been depleted of many who hold the Constitution and their oath sacred....those that remain have NOT stepped up to lessen the un-trust of any government idea or program that has spread in this country ...that said...with this administration...pitting the 'local police' DHS, and NOW the military against the 'citizens'...this drill makes sense in that IT drives yet another wedge between 'we the people' and those that have sworn to protect and defend THIS country ..NOT the world....imho

Anonymous said...

Oh, are we still doing that "it's no big deal DC's specialized hunter/seizure teams are practicing counter-insurgency with the local enforcers in States traditionally resistant to DC's overreach?"


We are still pretending?

Ok, great.

Anonymous said...

Camp Bullis and Camp Williams are the homes of the 19th Special Forces Group.

NSW is stationed at NAB San Diego and trains in Niland SoCal.

The active duty planners are using areas where they already have ties to training areas they need.

Did any of you watch that video with the Commander of AWG.?

What was his answer?

Go research Robin Sage, and The People's Republic Of Pineland.

Those people are prepared and organized they could handle anything.

Why? Because SF has trained there conducting Realistic Military Training Off Post since the early 1960's, and the civilians have supported it.

Every state in that exercise has a tie to USSOCOM, either by active duty units stationed there or SOF NG/Reserve

Carl Stevenson said...

The federal government has waged war on its states before, so what rational person would doubt that they'd do it again with another tyrant in the White House?

Anonymous said...

What I would like to know is their line of reasoning here. Jade Helm is allegedly to use the U.S. as a training ground to practice fitting in with foreign populations. How is this possible? How do you train in the US to infiltrate in China, Afghanistan, Russia, etc. Is everybody expected to get some kind of facelift or other body changing surgery? The only pupulation that the US forces can get lost in is the US itself. All else is just a bunch of lies.

Anonymous said...

"While there is nothing (conceptually) wrong with the US Military conducting training exercises on the economy ..."


Constitutionally (not that there's such a thing as "collective rights"), the General Government has land that has been set aside for it to do it's duties on, and it is not permitted to fund an army for more than two years straight (this is not the case for a navy).

Someone tell this guy that case law (stare decisis) is not the basis for Constitutional interpretation, and that, constitutionally speaking, the General Government isn't even a party to the contract - it's the creation *of* the parties (the individual states).

The states argue amongst themselves what the Constitution means; The General Government doesn't get a say, in the matter.

And when one state doesn't like how the General Government is treating it or interpreting the Constitution, it has the right to secede from obligations to the other states.