Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Interesting Provision Of The Texas Open Carry Bill

"Nefarious things can happen in committee when differences in bills between the House and Senate are ironed out, but this provision appears to be part of both versions of the bill. It should stay in. We’ll see if the Governor keeps his word now. As for the provision that LEOs cannot stop someone because they witness him carrying a gun, this is a very strong statement and I’m impressed that this finally passed the legislative process in Texas (after much pain and gnashing of teeth)."


PO'd American said...

“This is just a back door to constitutional carry because really any person could just carry a gun without a license because they know the police can’t inquire of them if they have a license,” said state Sen. Joan Huffman, R-Houston, who unsuccessfully attempted to heighten penalties for carrying handguns without a license during the debate.

Texas State Senator Joan Huffman is just another example of a damned ULIP.

Anonymous said...

Just in case there is any misunderstanding Texas open carry has not passed just yet. I just got off the phone with my reps. office & open carry is in conference. Campus carry passed yesterday, Tue. 5-26-15.

Bad Cyborg said...

(speaking as a resident of Texas - specifically that bastion of conservatism, San Antonio - here)
I don't know if licensed open carry in a state with no stop and identify statute for enforcement is, indeed (as Herschel put it) a "shooting-by-cop waiting to happen" but I damned well know that NOT having a specific prohibition against stopping and demanding to see a licence is an open invitation for cops in cities such as - oh, I don't know but maybe - Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, AUSTIN (AKA Texas own little piece of the left coast), or SAN ANTONIO (You know? The city whose mayor spoke at the DEMOCRAT NATIONAL CONVENTION!) to harass openly carrying citizens! Not that some piddley-assed thing like a STATE STATUTE is going to deter folks who already ignore the fekking Constitution with SCOTUS-sanctioned impunity. But it COULDN'T HURT! Yeah, I'd prefer not to have to jump through hoops to exercise my Creator-given rights but if you're hungry half a loaf beats the living hell outta a kick in the pants. Since I already have a CHL, I'm happy not to have to be damned careful to pull my shirt tail down when I'm getting out of the car so that my pistol isn't showing for a moment. Also, I'd like to carry my Uzi Eagle on my hip sometimes instead of my Glock just under my left kidney.