Saturday, May 23, 2015

Praxis: Magazine loader pouch.

I ran into a fellow at a local range the other day who was running a lot of rounds through his Glock. He was using a mag loader like this one:
Each time he needed it, he dug into his pocket to fish it out. When he walked back to his pickup, I noticed an otherwise squared away MOLLE-type rig on the tailgate set up for M-4/M-16 magazines and his Glock large frame semi-auto. I asked him if he had a pouch to put his speed loader in and he looked embarrassed when he answered no, he hadn't thought about it. I told him that GIs using M-3 grease guns in WWII and Korea would have their mag loaders clipped onto their web gear by the simple expedient of unhooking one of the front straps from the belt and threading the mag loader through it. It rattled a bit against the snap hook, but it was handy.
I've seen photos of French paras doing the same thing with mag loaders for their SMGs in Indochina and Algeria, both M-3 grease guns and MAT-49s.
M-3 Grease gun magazine loader.
I suggested to the young man that from my own experience, an M-3 mag loader fit very nicely into a current issue single MOLLE 40mm grenade pouch like this one:
I told him I was certain he could rig one up to his combat fighting vest for his Glock and it would fit just fine and he wouldn't have to dig for it. He thanked me for the tip.


Defensive Training Group said...

Good idea!

Mattexian said...

The Chi-Com AK loaders are good like this, tucking into an accessory pocket on their three-mag chest rig. I keep a Bore Snake coiled in the middle of it, to not waste the space.

Anonymous said...

Depending on how he has his rig set up, ITS fast mags are awesome for reloads (especially on the weak side). I can also recommend HSGI Taco pouches. Both types of pouches run between 30 and 40 a pop, so your expedient insert would certainly fit the bill for the budget minded among us.

This is gear that when you have to use it, you will be betting your life on. The question I always ask folks is how much they think their life is worth.

Anonymous said...

You know, God did not fit to bless me with an overabundance of book learning, but it seems to me that if you are loading mags in the middle of a fire fight, you are in the wrong fight.