Saturday, May 30, 2015

Like rust and venereal disease, collectivism never quits.

House bill would require gun owners to have liability insurance


Anonymous said...

If we put out the sun it would save countless lives lost to skin cancer. If it would save just one life, wouldn't it be worth it? After all, we're doing it for the children!

Michael said...

Im in agreement about the issues with insurance...but we all need to remember this is an election prep publicity issue. It has no chance of passing, and the Dems can say they tried to do "something"

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
More "Back Door Gun Control!!!!"


For all practical purposes, "WE'RE ALL OUTLAWS NOW!!"

Got Gunz,..."Outlaw??,"

Anonymous said...

Obama brings down the hammer on Congress and the Courts!!
Congress and the Courts have been hit with their 21st century version of Kristallnacht.* IOW, many members of Congress and the federal courts are sh***** their pants right now.

How did Obama do it? Two days ago, the Obama administration brought up a former Congressman, ex-Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert up on the cheesiest of federal felony charges.

Hastert had apparently diddled a male high school student 30 years ago. Hastert has been paying blackmail to the tune of $3.5 million total ever since to keep the story from being revealed to the public.

In other words, Hastert was the victim of his own crime by being blackmailed. So what does the Justice Department do? They went after Hastert and charged him with bs crimes, such as withdrawing large amounts of cash from his bank account under $10,000 to pay the bribes. It's called "structuring."**

He also apparently lied to the FBI when questioned about the story. Well, Duh! Of course he did. He didn't want the story of his perviness coming out!

So why would the Justice Department bust Hastert's balls?

Think for a moment how many pervs and corrupt politicians there are in Congress and on the courts under those dresses.

Every single one of them crapped their pants when they found out about the Haster felony indictments.

NSA has been listening to their phone calls and monitoring their emails, etc. So each perv is sweating bullets wondering when Obama is going to bust their balls.

This explains why people like Boehner and McConnell have turned into Obama lap dogs.

And hello Justice Roberts!! You perv! Roberts acted like a squirrel with his tail on fire when he switched sides in the ObamaCare case, resulting in ObamaCare not getting thrown out on its ear.

His opinion was unreadable. The sentences didn't even scan in some cases. This from a jurist who normally is able to reason and express himself in writing.

The case against Hastert isn't about Hastert. It's all about controlling Congress and the Courts to get them to do what they want them to do regardless of how illegal the law might be.

*Kristallnacht was the night Hitler put the fear of God in every Jew in Germany. About a thousand Jews were killed, plus there was massive vandalism against the Jews.

**"Structuring" is a despotic law that allows the federal government to punish you for taking money out of your own bank account! The meddling government requires that they be notified if you take more than $10,000 out in a withdrawal. If they believe you're taking out a series of smaller amounts to avoid the filing requirement, the feds can get you!

Anonymous said...

It’s Official: Texas Legislature Passes Open Carry

Anonymous said...

Another de facto registration scheme: anyone who has this liability insurance has firearms. No doubt, there will be requirements for different riders depending on what you or more for handguns, for ARs, for shotguns. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Maloney again, naturally...The woman who made a political career standing on her dead husband's grave. And you should all see the people who live in her congressional area! The kind who think their high-dollar, NYC jobs will pay for the best protection from LE money can buy. When the sh*% finally hits the proverbial fan they will be shocked to find their money worthless, as LEO's are busy at home protecting their own families. And there is absolutely no escape from Long Island; having only 2 or 3 major highways to get to the mainland. And they will finally get a taste of their own anti-gun stupidity, but not soon enough for my liking.

prambo said...

Ah, Maloney - the very defintion of "twat-waffle".

Home-grown NYS statist rubbish. It's bad enough being behind enemy lines, but the "useful idiot" concentration here is at toxic levels.

I say - "NO!!!"

(The new "bot" scanner asked me to pick all the "food" pictures - I didn't pick any of the frosty brews shown, but they are "food".

Ret. MSgt in Pa. said...

And who, exactly, offers such insurance?

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
What Ret. MSgt says?? Pal, "There is NO INSURANCE AND THERE WON'T BE!!!" Who in Hell would be stupid enough to write such a Policy?? Nobody in the "Private Sector!!" It would have to fall under "OBAMA CARE???" As the late Frank Gallop would say in his throaty baritone voice
......."R-E-A-L-L-Y-!!!!!!" Maloney is Baloney and a really bad Joke at that!!!
Got Gunz....OUTLAW??,

Anonymous said...

I say that NON gun owners should carry that liability insurance, to cover those times when they refuse to defend themselves and end up being robbed, injured, shot, killed, or any combination of the above.

B Woodman

Jimmy the Saint said...

@skybill: " Who in Hell would be stupid enough to write such a Policy??"

The same people who write flood insurance policies - the government. Get info, create some spoils jobs, and loot a bit of cash from the populace - perfect government plan.

But the private sector could do it pretty easily, too. Lots of guns, few used to actually hurt anyone, so lots of premiums in, and few payments out.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
note to "Jimmy the Saint, Note I said,"It would have to fall under OBAMA CARE!!!" Since OBAMA CARE isn't working neither would the "Gun ins.!!" Like I also said,"More Back Door Gun Control!!" (Sounds "Kinky!" don't it??) Let me reiterate.........
Got Guns.......OUTLAW!!!!,