Monday, May 25, 2015

Hey, let’s create a national database of gun owners!

At some point the Democrats need to simply come clean and admit that even state by state lists of gun owners are either showing up or will eventually show up in the the hands of the federal government. This is not a bug in the system… it’s a feature. And continuing to deny it turns a very important constitutional rights discussion into a clown show.


Anonymous said...

Can't have a national list of citizens.

Can't have a national list of voters.

Can't have a national list of illegal immigrants.

But we can have a national list of gun owners?


Can we have a national list of people who want a national list of gun owners? Might come in handy some day.

Just sayin'!

Ed said...

Would it not be less expensive for the Federal government to establish and maintain a publicly accessible list of those prohibited from owning firearms, with the reason for the prohibition stated and easily challenged by the prohibited? Instead of proving your innocence via NICS and a state license to possess a firearm, before a transfer of a firearm the current possessor of the firearm could check the list for the name of the person who wants to receive the firearm. You could call it the "Says Here Illegal Transfer List". You never want your name on that list.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could get access to the list in order to better coordinate
a nation wide militia. There is always someone able to get into these systems. If they are to pull it all together it could be useful.

Anonymous said...

"Can we have a national list of people who want a national list of gun owners? Might come in handy some day."

That list is already known to us and the day for it's use has already arrived.

What is lacking is the will to use that list constructively, at present.

They know it and so do we. They understand what to say and how to control the public's access to information. They fully understand the consequences of not doing so.

Anonymous said...

National Firearm Prohibited Person List would be very useful. Better than a credit check for renting an apartment or hiring. Wouldn't you rather have employees/renters who are useful for defending their job/your property?

If a person has a US Passport, and is not on the list: PRE-APPROVED!
If a person has a State DL or CCP (indicating Citizen or Legal Resident status), and aren't on the State call-up list: MAYBE! Oregon does this with 4473 sales from dealers. The person may have an out of State problem not listed.

The solution is to only sell to your friends (as long as you are not a FFL holder).

The anti-gunners want background check/ID requirement to buy ammo. Chicago-style FOID Card. Eff-Oh, indeed, in my relatively-free State out-West.