Sunday, May 3, 2015

Collected video links to my speeches.

Speech at Salem OR capitol, 30 May 2015, We Will Not Comply Rally. "It is time, Madam, to pull your head out of your personal proctology and take a good long look at the new reality you have provoked."
Patriot's Day Speech, Canon City, CO, 19 April 2015. "The 'law' versus the Rule of Law."
Speech at the Our Capitol Our Rights Rally, 7 Feb 2015, Olympia WA Will you comply? Or will you resist?
Speech at the We Will Not Comply Rally, Olympia WA, 13 Dec 13 2014. "The Resistance Army of the Founders' Republic."
"Let us tell the truth to ourselves." My speech in Big Spring TX, 21 June 2014. Part One.
"Let us tell the truth to ourselves." My speech in Big Spring TX, 21 June 2014.Part Two.
The Millers, the Bundys, the New York State Police and Me. Flag Day speech at Belchertown MA, 14 June 2014. "Flags, True and False."
Patriot's Day speech at the Bundy Ranch, 19 April, 2014. "Don't poke a wolverine with a sharp stick unless you want your balls ripped off."
One Country? Or two? My speech at the Alamo, 19 October 2013. "Does the government serve the people, or do the people serve the government?"
A warning to American law enforcement, speech at Temple, Texas, 1 June 2013."Losing the Mandate of Heaven."
Talk on the lies of collectivism, to an Oath Keepers meeting, 21 April 2013. "Intentions of the Enemy."
Hartford, CT, CCDL Gun Rights Rally, 20 April 2013 "Defy. Resist. Evade. Smuggle."


PO'd American said...

I for one have seem all of them. I was also my pleasure to meet you and to be your "half-way house host" for the last speech in Colorado. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Let's make sure these are shared and posted all over. They will live on!

Anonymous said...

An amazing man. Thank you!!