Sunday, February 10, 2013

The So-Called Gun Show Loophole: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Loopholes as a feature of military fortifications predate both gunpowder and masonry castles, being originally built as angled slits in wooden palisades to give bowmen good fields of fire while affording them excellent protection from enemy bowmen. Loopholes are murder holes, designed to allow one marksman to kill the maximum number of attackers from cover. Loopholes are still used today, especially in city fighting.
The Heritage Foundation debunks the so-called "gun show loophole": "What gun control proponents never say, though, is that this oft-repeated statistic is based on stale data that was grossly exaggerated even when it was fresh."
Long-time readers know that I have written about "loopholes" before, here and here, suggesting that if such a law is passed that we defy it with "Fed-free gun shows."
Maybe we'll get a chance to show the Feds what a "loophole" was originally designed for.


TimeHasCome said...

It's not about gun shows it's about the right to gather . Guns are just a part of gun shows . I have learned so much about community issues , voter registration , fund raising for gun issues , petition signatures .
No ,the left knows that gun shows are very powerful forces . They have managed to silence all the churches ( Except the Lefty ones) . And they control the media . So what is left is the gun show . The definition of a Black Market is a market the government does not want it to exist.

Anonymous said...

Thirty seconds of logical thought reveal that a "universal" background check would not work without registration.
If I want to buy/sell a gun from a friend, how can LE possibly determine that I submitted to a background check? Would individuals be required to keep proof of background checks indefinately, as opposed to the Feds who must destroy such records in 24 hours?
Under what circumstances would LE be "authorised" to "investigate" compliance?
Only a registry would make such a scheme possible. This is the real goal folks.

Robert Kuntz said...

I made the same connection in a piece not long ago.

Robert Kuntz said...

Anonymous at 10:16 is correct, I think.

Paul X said...

Arguing what the percentage of guns sold without a background check is "doing battle on the enemy's chosen ground". It matters not one iota whether the percentage is 40% or 4%. The principle is that the government cannot know where all the guns are, period. The method to prevent that is not through the legislative process, but through ignoring the legislative process, and using the black market.

Anonymous said...

Robert K - you are correct in your assessment BUT he ignored the fact that it is only the 'law abiding' folks who will comply with that de facto registration scheme. Even the 'left' (gun banners) admit that criminals will not comply - nor can they legally be compelled to do so since that would violate their 5th Amendment 'Rights'.
If anyone has not yet realized how conniving and duplicitous they are, this should remove all doubt.

BTW - how well did that idea work out up in Canada?