Thursday, February 28, 2013

Praxis: Handgun Training During an Ammo Shortage.

The One Box Workout


1911A1 said...

A small observation on the ammo shortage: I watched a video the other day about a trip to CCI's plant in Lewiston. Their line turns out 4 million rounds per day. That's ONE manufacturer. Remington, Federal, and Winchester, not to mention the small fry, should be at or above similar capacity. This means roughly 16-20 million rounds of .22LR enter the market daily, and yet there is never any to be found online or in the brick-and-mortar stores.

And that's just one caliber. By the way, where's all the Russian stuff? Did somebody cancel a bunch of import licenses and the media forgot to tell us?

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny to hear cops whining about ammo. Hey - go talk to your pals in DHS. All of you wear badges, right? You are all brothers, right?

They have plenty. Get them to share.

After all, you plan on sharing citizens with them, right?

TimeHasCome said...

Great advice , but I won't hold my breath that the ammo shortage will let up any time soon . There has been 45,000 firearms sold every single day since Obama took office.

Anonymous said...

My solution? CO2 pistol!

Well, besides reloading and what little .22 I have left.

The S&W M&P BB pistol is available for about $40, and mine is darned accurate - I was shooting same hole groups in coke cans the other day. Not to mention it looks and feels like the real thing, except for the lack of recoil and light weight.

I also have a Umarex Makarov with a manually operable slide, and it weighs almost as much as the real thing; although not as accurate as the S&W.
BB's and CO2 cylinders widely available and cheap.