Thursday, February 21, 2013

Armalite waffles, Ronnie Barrett stands tall.

ArmaLite Will Continue to Sell Rifles to Law Enforcement Officers in States That Ban Them for Citizens
By contrast, here's Barrett's "Position regarding the assault on liberty."


Anonymous said...

I WAS going to buy the new 338 Lapua they came out with. I'm not just saying that to blow wind, I actually WAS going to buy one. Does Barrett make a bolt action 338LAP in same price range?

A Texan said...

Time to boycott Armalite.

The whole point of a company that sells firearms and/or accessories refusing to sell ANY of its prohibited items to ANY law enforcement personnel (regardless of need or stance on the 2A) is to put pressure on the states/cities in question to restore the 2A. The only way to pressure these Constitution-violating governments is to make them feel the pain through their agents, i.e. the police, etc. Several manufacturers have stepped up to the plate and are standing with the ordinary citizens of this country...but not Armalite.

Continuing to sell citizen-banned weapons and accessories to state/city employees is akin to helping the German war effort during WW2, even though the individual soldiers receiving the arms may not have agreed with state policy. It should be noted that 12 directors of the famous Krupp arms company were indicted for, and 11 convicted of, war crimes for aiding the armament of the Nazi regime.

We gun owners WILL NOT FORGET how the various arms manufacturers acted during this difficult time for our 2nd Amendment rights.

Anonymous said...

Armalite is now on my "prohibited persons" list along with Smith & Wesson and Cheaper Than Dirt. As with the federal "prohibited persons" list, there is no way to get off once you earn your spot.

Bye, Armalite!

Hefferman said...

I guess my new Ar will be a custom build, because I will not buy anything from armlite again.
I have two AR-10s and extra mags, but will never spend another dime with armlite.

Anonymous said...

I like that suggestion for a bumper sticker:

"When you need to kick down citizens doors to sieze the guns they should not have, make sure your Storm Troopers are carrying ArmaLite products. ArmaLite, the one choice for all your citizen controlling fascist needs"

Notice - neither Colt nor DPMS have come out with a position yet, though Adam Ballard at DPMS did go before the MN legislature on the 6th regarding their HF241:

Anonymous said... least we know their position.
ArmaLite is now on MY anti-Constitutionalist target list.
When the SHTF, I fully intend to be posting rounds downrange from the ArmaLite scary rifles that I have appropriated from the chickenchit LEO's that dropped them and ran when the rounds from my M24 started taking names from 600 meters.
They really don't think we're going to fight for the Constitution, do they?

SWIFT said...

Want an Armalite? Take the advice of Sergeant Major Plumley in the movie "We Were Soldiers", when Col. Hal Moore suggests that he get a rifle. Plumley tells Moore, "I figure there will be plenty of them lying on the ground when I need one."

Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows anything about AR-15s knows that the new "Armalite" (not the Stoner Armalite company) make inferior quality rifles.

They weren't ever going to get a single penny from me anyway, but now that vow is sealed in blood.

Anonymous said...

All 4 of mine are Rock River LAR-15's. Excellent rifles.

Armalite may wear the name of the platform's originator, but they are certainly not the only quality source today. Check out Rock River Arms.

BillInLexington said...

Previous to this, I had no intention of making a purchase from Barrett. I just wasn't willing to drop that much money on a firearm.

Now I am.

DHS bought up all the ammo ... but if this trend keeps up, what are they going to shoot it out of?