Thursday, February 14, 2013

No, were not.

Why Are U.S. Gun Owners Beholden to America's Cities?


SWIFT said...

Confirmation that you cannot reason with a Lefty whose mind has been altered by ingesting lead based paint chips in her NY tenement.

Paul X said...

So... it's better if I sell all my guns, and take up dancing instead? Hmmm...

Drew Rinella said...

Wtf was the point of that article? Am I missing something? That article didn't say anything!

Anonymous said...

"S/he" made the wandering, digressing, cathartic article about (caution: euphemism ahead) "inner city youths" - for the obvious reasons. Then s/he wants to know what LAW ABIDING gun owners are afraid of. Aside from the fact that we're not necessarily afraid, that most simply like to shoot, or hunt, or compete, or appreciate well-crafted, precision machines, we ALSO might have to use them in defense of ourselves some day. And although s/he might not want to admit it, it's statistically likely to be against one of those "inner city youths" if we live in or near a large city.

Trouble is, those "inner city youths" are spilling out to the suburbs and surrounding countryside. Given the fact that carloads of them can drive over 100 miles outside of a city on a tank of gas and buy enough to get back with the cash from a robbery, we're not at all safe from them wherever we are. In fact they are the reason many of us left the cities to begin with, live in gated communities if we chose not to, or live behind barred windows and double padlocked doors if we can't.

The leftist, liberal attitude of entitlement, the idea that we (gun owners) are 'beholding' to them, comes from their own fantasies, and is an extension of the entitlement attitude they have about every other aspect of life. 'We' (it's too obvious who she's talking about) are somehow beholding to 'them' for everything - food, rent, clothing, schooling, medical care, jobs when they want to work, support when they don't. But what do they do with the gifts given to them by a society they didn't create but inherited? Detroit is a good example, in both the political and cultural sense.

So in a larger sense this is not about guns. It's about creators/givers and takers/destroyers. But Ms. Ostrich is in denial and doesn't want to admit that's what her article is really about.

We 'law abiding gun owners', the latest euphemism for most of us, are not beholding to her, 'inner city youths', the cities they prefer to live in, or anybody else for that matter.

To paraphrase a famous Charlton Heston line: "Take your stinking paws off my gun you damn, dirty Democrat*!"

*replace with the 'euphemism' of your choice.

(note: hilarious concidence that the not-a-robot word is 'ctsmut' - code word/fallout from Sandy Hook?)

Anonymous said...

I love the anagram of her middle name - nazi yak - because that's what this article is. Yakkity-yak, Mz. Nazi!

BobInOK said...

I read this trash, end to end...TWICE, and can honestly say that it made no sense to me whatsoever.

Did she have a ******* point? Absolutely no ability to think coherently at all. No wonder they hate guns, Sowell is right...they don't reason, they FEEL and are incapable of independent thought.

Mike, suggest you recommend to the rest of the fellas to do some "opposition research" over at Democratic Underground. I've been browsing their forums trying to figure out how these fools think.
Its hard not to get angry, but I don't post.

Anonymous said...

No, the greater majority of us are NOT beholden to anyone. Especially the "inner city youths".

We WORK HARD our entire lives, not taking anything from the state. We raise our families to have the values instilled in us by our parents and grandparents. Which by default means that you KNOW your parents and grandparents. We have family values and we know the difference between right and wrong.

That is in my estimation the main difference. We KNOW the difference between right and wrong. The "inner city youth" only know how to take what they want and "get what's mine".


There is a difference between those of us who make and those who take.

Bring your entitlement ass into the suburbs and see how ling you last.