Friday, February 22, 2013

Two from David Codrea

Patriot veteran and retired Chicago cop tells of freer, safer time
Obama solicits ‘gun violence’ stories


RVN11B said...

It is weird, sometimes, how things go these days. I was watching a video about that, dumbass city councilman who hiked his skirts up and ran from a meeting, because a citizen was carrying concealed. Legally. You may remember that fella. The one with the bald head. Claimed he was a vet too.

Yeah right!

Anyway as I watched that video I was reminded of my JROTC days back during the same time as the Sarge was referring to.

In the high school I attended we had pretty much the same weapons make up. Only we had twice as many M1s than he mentioned.

My senior military instructor was this flatulent old Master Sargent, with a really wicked sense of humor.

At the time I was a freshman and stood a whooping 5' 2", and he got a real giggle in assigning the BAR to me! Man I loved that cannon!

I know I made an amusing sight standing proudly on the parade field during inspections. And leaning to the right. At shoulder arms that monster was damned near as long as I was tall! This was in Kansas City, Missouri, and I graduated from high school in 1969.

Every thing else Sarge said is right on the money, and I completely agree with him.

I retired from the Army after 20 years and am damned proud of that fact.

Gunny G said...

I've been writing some EXCELLENT fiction for the Tinhorn Tyrant. His strawman gun site is getting what it wants, strawmen stories!

Just like we flooded "Attackwatch" with!

Anonymous said...

My gun violence story as posted

"In the early 1970's while camping on the beach in Mexico near Ensenada, my family was attacked by a group of gun wielding Mexicans. During the midnight attack my father was shot in the arm, severely beaten and had his knee dislocated. Thank goodness my parents had the wisdom and courage to illegally bring a handgun into Mexico. With his gun my father was able to prevent any other members of our family from being physically hurt. I am no longer the little boy who suffered through a deadly midnight attack on a desolate beach in Mexico, but instead a grown man who has gained the same wisdom and courage of his parents by always putting the safety and security of his family first."

I don't think they will put it with the others. It does not fit their meme.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how "shall not be infringed" is interpreted to confer authority to the state to grant permits on who may excerise a Constitutional right.
No distinction is made in the 2nd Amendment between open or concealed carry, nor is one implied - only that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Period.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, do you think they would post the stories of all the folks whose gun violence episodes were all due to the police? I am sure they could fill volumes.

Uncle Frank