Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gun-grabber has meltdown, flees public affairs forum in anger

Poor collectivist baby.


McWopski said...

It was good that he ran; Kavin Starrett had him so outcassed and so intellectually surrounded that, had he stayed to debate, he would have looked like an even bigger fool.

Anonymous said...

"Kanasas, Missouri... Same thing."

"Missouri, sir."

"Well, he was talking about our congress and our president, not Kansas."

Why didn't he just say "What does it matter?"
I hear that's a popular phrase to use in those circles.

Anonymous said...

Ad Hominem attacks are all they have left when they start losing a debate. It's typical for this type of critter. He should have kept his mouth shut. We've met Kevin, and he's a smart guy and pretty good author.

Anonymous said...

I'm of the opinion that the comparison is totally unfair to the little kid in the picture.

A Reader said...

I've been diagnosed by a Fudd/Hoplophobe in online discussions. Perhaps we should start demanding their bona fides when they throw out their "professional opinions" like that. I doubt it would shut them up, but perhaps spectators would treat their opinions with less respect afterward.